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Name: Wendell Francois
Artist Web Site:
In Jamaica, they are called dj's.   In the USofA, they are referred to as rappers, but in the Virgin Islands people who 'toast' on the microphone are called 'chantas', and Ancient King is a chanta with great skills and promises for the future.  First heard on the Weep Not compilation (under the name of Willow), Ancient King lays down some serious conscious messages that are sure to capture all rebellious souls.
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The Music

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Ancient King first appeared on the I Grade compilation Weep Not, where he chanted 3 songs under the name of Willow.   The strength of  'Manage', Ancient Of Days' and 'Calculate The Levels' paved the way for his debut album Conquering Sound. 2008 saw the release of his sophomore CD Judgment by Full Grown Records.  


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Ancient King, born Wendell Francois, hails from St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. In 2002, he was featured on I Grade Records' acclaimed compilation, Weep Not (recording under the name, Willow). Tunes like "Manage" and "Ancient of Days" were well-received by listeners, DJís and reviewers around the world. Since that time, Ancient King has sharpened his craft through recording and stage show work in the Newport News, VA area with the King Lion Crew. He is known for his high energy stage performances and has shared the stage with many different artists including Yellowman and Capleton. Ancient King also released two songs on Indigo International's compilation album, The B Sides.

On Ancient's first full-length release, Conquering Sound, he again teams up with I Grade Records to create one of the most innovative albums by a conscious chanter in this current time. Like most of the messages in the VI's roots reggae movement, Ancient Kingís songs are firmly rooted in the tradition of Rastafari rebel music. The musical soundscapes provided by the I Grade production team consist of the thunderous bass lines, rock solid drums and rootsy guitars and keys for which I Grade is well known. Conquering Sound features guest appearances by Prince Pankhi, Empress Michel and Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite. Conquering Sound was released in April 2005.

Bringing forth words of truth with a tongue of fyah, Ancient King blazes his own trail unlike any other chanter in modern reggae music. His powerful and unique delivery combines with intensely relevant lyrics that stand firm on principles of truth and right. One listen to Ancient King's songs and it is clear that he takes very seriously and honorably the opportunity to share his word sound with the nations.

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Ancient King

Ancient King at WRIP 2006

Album Reviews
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Reggae Vibes:
Ancient King - real name Wendell Francois - hails from St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. In 2002, he was featured on I Grade Records' solid compilation set "Weep Not" (then recording under the name, Willow) with three tunes -- "Manage", "Calculate The Levels" and "Ancient Of Days". Since that time, Ancient King has sharpened his craft through recording and stage show work in the Newport News, VA area with the King Lion Crew. Now here's Ancient King's first full-length release, "Conquering Sound", actually the first album released as part of I Grade Records' New Release Trilogy called 'Fyah, Earth, Wind'. - More

Reggae Reviews:
Ancient King's debut album Conquering Sound doesn't play in your stereo so much as it explodes.  The gruff-voiced St. Croix DJ (a bit of a departure for the singer-heavy I Grade label) has a rough 'n tumble delivery made all the more intimidating by the mega-bass-driven musical backing.  If Prince Far I had a "voice of thunder," then Ancient King has a "sound of thunder" -- or, as this album so aptly puts it, a "conquering sound."  His vocals erupt with a passion and a gravelly texture not unlike the now missing-in-action Lion had when he emerged in the late '90s. - More

Achi's Reggae Blog:
For me personally, within the Fyah -Earth- Wind releases from I-Grade, initially and maybe still I was most impressed with Ancient King (since then, my tastes have DEFINITELY shifted towards NiyoRah) as his style was something which was more familiar. At that time, still new listening to Virgin Islands Reggae, I hadn’t really found an artist who sounded like the Jamaican artists with the exception of Pressure (who I may have actually ‘discovered’ after Ancient King.  - More

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