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Bambu Station was founded in 1996 by Jalani Horton of St. Thomas, V.I. to present creative ideas that would impact peoples lives. In 1999, Andy Llanos of St. Croix joined Bambu Station as the bassist and Tuff Lion, with his brilliant guitar work, offered his wealth of experience to help the young bredrens evolve and grow. Their initial recording was the independent single, "Amadou Diallo" (2000) and commenced a musical relationship, with the addition of Warren Pedersen in 2003, that has galvanized roots fans across the world. Several of their releases are some of the most regarded works today.  


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The Music

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The sound of Bambu Station is best described as heavy, natural and relentlessly captivating. From its music to its lyrics, Bambu Station's sound is very percussive, profound and inviting to any listener. Their recordings and live shows are filled with a brilliant spirit, harmonies and an alluring quality. They are certainly one of the most significant artists representing reggae music in this generation.
Bambu Station - Talkin' Roots Vol. II Iba - Jah Lion (Children Of The Nile) Bambu Station - One Day Various Artists - Talkin' Roots
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Album Reviews
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Break The Soil:

Roots Music:
Bambú Station, with the accent on the u, has released their second full album on their own label. The band from the U.S. Virgin Islands has been recording with their current band members since 2000 and has already released a string of albums on their Mt Nebo Records label. Some are compilations and some are full albums for singers but the albums are always produced by Bambú Station and feature the core members as backing band. - More

Jah Works:
What you may wonder about “Break the Soil” is whether Bambú Station breaks new ground. Well, no, they don’t; this album comes from the same piece of mother earth as “One Day,” their first outing. That is to say it is roots reggae of a particularly deep and fertile kind, featuring the fine musicianship and production genius of Jalani Horton, Tuff Lion, Andy Lanos and the rest of the Mt. Nebo crew. It even boasts the predictably handsome design work of Mark “Feijão” Mulligan II. So it’s not remarkably different, just remarkably good. - More

Reggae Guide:
For those of you who know Bambu Station you don’t need me to tell you how impressive their previous release, ‘One Day’ was. This time around it's clear that the band have grown and developed their style further. ‘Break The Soil’ is eclectic, experimental, spiritual and simply outstanding. - More

Reggae Vibes:
Bambú Station, along with alot of other artists hailing from the Virgin Islands including Midnite, Abja, Dezarie and Army, keep the torch of roots music, that was kindled way back in the seventies, burning. The band's work is the deepest of the deep Reggae music and is as good if not better than anything coming from Jamaica produced in the aforementioned era. Their previous album, "One Day", is a great set which was rightly received with critical acclaim when it hit the streets in 2003. Three years after the release of that album, the band has unleashed a brand new collection of songs entitled "Break The Soil", and we can assure you that the long wait has been worthwhile! - More

Reggae Reviews:
"Every situation is a chance to grow," sings Jalanai Horton. The first four songs on "Break the Soil" make it clear that Bambu Station has grown more experimental and eclectic since its classic album One Day. "The music is more expansive and more richly-textured than on One Day, with no drop off in quality or consistency. Simply put, this album is massive, and not to be missed. - More

One Day:

Creation Steppin':
Outta the Virgin Islands comes yet another incredible group of modern rootsmen- Bambu Station. Singer-songwriter Jalani Horton, bassist Andy Llanos and guitarist Tuff Lion form the core the band, who feature a subdued yet hard-driving modern roots sound. This is their third release, and although I haven't listened to the first two, I'd be surprised if they topped this effort. This is highly conscious music- in Jalani's words meant "to inform and spread the livity and spirit of Jah." - More

Reggae Reviews:
Though still largely a fledgling label, Maryland-based Mt. Nebo Records is slowly but surely establishing itself (in my mind, at least) as one of the most reliable sources of top-quality roots reggae around. After releasing the excellent modern roots compilation Talkin’ Roots Volume 1 in 2002, Mt. Nebo unleashes the massive sophomore effort from the band Bambu Station (whose members were featured on Talkin’ Roots). One Day, to put it simply, is a mind-blowing experience. It is an instant classic, nearly perfect vocally, musically, and lyrically. - More

Suite 101:
In 2002, Maryland-based Mt. Nebo Records released one of the best reggae compilations of the year, Talkin' Roots I. One of the highlights of the disc was the contribution of the Virgin Islands-based Bambu Station. Following their strong showing on Talkin' Roots I comes One Day, 70-minutes of roots reggae that will give something new to even the most wisened reggae fan. - More

Reggae Vibes:
By now it's obvious that the U.S. Virgin Islands have an astonishing wealth of talent when it comes to modern rootsmen. Besides bands and artists such as Midnite, Army, Pressure, and Dezarie, there's an incredible group of modern rootsmen who call themselves Bambú Station. The latter was founded in 1996 by Jalani Horton of St. Thomas, V.I., who was joined by bass player Andy Llanos of St. Croix in 1999 and Tuff Lion, known and appreciated for his brilliant guitar work. Their initial recording was the independent single, "Amadou Diallo" (2000) and commenced a musical relationship, with the addition of Warren Pedersen in 2003, that has attracted notable attention of roots fans across the world. The single "Amadou Diallo" is featured on their 2003 released album, "One Day", which was rightly received with critical acclaim as can be concluded from listening to this very entertaining collection of tunes. - More

Iba: Jah Lion (Children Of The Nile)

Creation Steppin':
All I know is that the St. Croix roots scene must be something to behold, as the Cruzans keep pumping out one awesome release after another. The latest of this growing number of rootsmen is Iba, born Charles Encarnacion, with his debut album "Jah Lion- Children of the Nile." Iba isn't entirely a stranger to us, as his "Chant" led off the "Talkin Roots Vol. 1" compilation in fine style. Iba wrote or co-wrote all of the tracks on "Jah Lion," and continues the Virgin Islands' tradition of conscious lyrics and no slackness. - More

Suite 101:
Iba first caught my ear last year on when he appeared on Mt. Nebo Records' Talkin' Roots I compilation. His Ossie Dellimore-esque sound was full of heart and soul, much like many of the artists associated with Mt. Nebo. Iba's debut solo disc, Jah Lion (Children of the Nile), continues the stage set by "Chant," the opening track on Talkin' Roots I. Jah Lion's opener is "Rough Times," an old school roots bubbler that allows Iba to flex his vocal skills and lyrical talents. - More

World Music Central:
The up-and-coming Mt Nebo Records label has thus far been noteworthy for releasing quality reggae from outside of Jamaica, and let's hope they earn in respect what they may not get in monetary riches. One of Mt. Nebo's key artists is Iba, a Rasta from the island of St. Croix with an urgent, assertive vocal style that serves him well on his Jah Lion album. He cuts sharply through songs of love, unity, history, prophecy and the accountability of wrongdoers, all expertly backed by Mt. Nebo's house band Bambu Station. - More

Talkin' Roots Vol. I:

Jah Works:
Occasional small bits of good news are necessary for a balanced lifestyle. One such tidbit that gladdened my heart recently was a brief note on Mt. Nebo’s web site, to the effect that there will soon be a second various artists compilation, "Talkin’ Roots II". To me that’s splendid news because it will likely be as entertaining and uplifting as "Talkin’ Roots I". And in the meantime, there are other current albums from Bambu Station Studio to sample. - More

Skank Productions:
"Talkin Roots - Volume 1" is one crucial CD. This is hard-core roots reggae with a message, eminating from the U.S. Virgin Islands (with most of the artists hailing from St. Croix). The first thing you notice about this disc is the conscious cover. Charles D. Ellison's artwork has students looking at a chalkboard with the following words written on it: "JAH, LIFE, POLITRICKS, WISDOM, CONTROL, SCRIPTURE." Thought-provoking cover, and I'll tell ya, some serious, thought-provoking (and absolutely killer) tunes. - More

UA Journal:
Maryland-based Mt. Nebo Records' debut release, Talkin' Roots I, is one of the stronger releases as of late from a US-based reggae label. Though it's unlikely most listeners have heard of Bambu Station Studio or any of the various Virgin Islands-based artists on the collection, there's no doubt that the roots are thick and heavy and that Mt. Nebo is going to be a label to watch. - More

Reggae Reviews:
It's rare that I get so excited to review an album, but such is the case with the compilation Talkin' Roots Volume 1 -- partly because it is so little-known and partly because it's just that good.  A product of the Maryland-based Bambu Station Studio and the newly formed Mt. Nebo Records, Talkin' Roots is a compilation for any proponent of keeping roots reggae alive and fresh. - More

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Bambu Station - Monterey Bay Reggae Festival 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam Bambu Station - Monterey Bay Reggae Festival 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam Bambu Station - Monterey Bay Reggae Festival 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam
Monterey Bay Reggae Fest 2004 - Photos by Diane 'Livonn' Adam
BambuStation - Jalani Horton - Ashkenaz 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam BambuStation -Tuff Lion - Ashkenaz 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam BambuStation - Iba - Ashkenaz 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam
Ashkenaz - Berkeley - 2004 - Photos by Diane 'Livonn' Adam

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