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African Roots Lab
PO Box 8433 Sunny Isle
Christiansted, VI 00823

Dezarie is a singer of unrivaled abilities.  Her mesmerizing soothing vocals counteract with sharp, caustic and forceful chants to create a sound that resonates on all wavelengths.  The strength of her convictions and her sense of purpose manifests itself in deep and powerful lyrics.   

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The Music

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Dezarie has released 4 crucial albums to date: The Fourth Book,  Eaze The Pain and Gracious Mama Africa on the Afrikan Roots Lab label, and her debut album, Fya.  Dezarie added her amazing vocals to Ikahba's Troddin To Zion as well as appearing on the Weep Not, Culturellennium II and Talkin' Roots compilations. She also contributed 3 selections to I Grade's debut release Nemozian Rasta.  For more information, click on one of the images.  

Various Artists - Weep Not

Various Artists - Culturellinnium 2

Various Artists - Talkin' Roots Ikahba - Troddin To Zion

Midnite - I Grade - Nemozian Rasta

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Album Reviews
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The Fourth Book

United Reggae:
Fans of Virgin Islands Roots Reggae Queen, Dezarie, may be equally surprised and overjoyed to learn that extremely propular Cruzan born songstress has once again tuned in and done so to the materialization of her fourth album, the fittingly titled 'Fourth Book'. Dezarie doesn't tend to create a lot of fanfare, ostensibly, but she and her music always seems to generate so much love and so much attention from her ultra-devoted followers that one could very well make the case that this album is one of the more anticipated of 2010. - More

VI Roots:
The fourth installment in Dezarie's now legendary body of works - The Fourth Book - has been unleashed to the world from Arikan Roots Lab. The production is very similar to Midnite's recent release, What Makes a King, with unbelievably heavy basslines underneath rich layers of beautiful keyboard work. Dezarie's angelic voice - at times soaring, at other times penetrating - is in fine form on this release. - More

Eaze The Pain

Achi's Reggae Blog:
One of the year’s most anticipated releases was the return of Dezarie, with Eaze The Pain, her third album and first in over five years, since the Gracious Mama Africa album which helped established one of the most curious legends and reputations in modern Reggae history. Gracious Mama Africa followed her debut, 2001’s Fya for I Grade Records which I’ve heard called, by people whose opinions I respect, simply the finest Roots Reggae release from ANY female in Reggae history! So what is the attraction to Dezarie? My thought would be, again, somewhat in the same way as Vaughn Benjamin: Her style. Where Benjamin can be this ultra-cryptic rolling wordsmith, Dezarie simply doesn’t sugarcoat ANYTHING. She is very much so a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of singer.  - More

Reggae Reviews:
Eaze the Pain is perhaps Dezarie's most consistent of her three albums to date, which is saying a lot from a woman I consider to be the best female reggae artist in the biz. While her countrymen Midnite venture into increasingly experimental, quirky sounds, Dezarie sticks with what made us fall in love with her in the first place: rich roots reggae sung with an ethereal, almost otherworldly panache.  - More

Gracious Mama Africa

There is refreshingly clean and pure new sound sweeping across the Caribbean.  Emerging from the Virgin Island of St. Croix comes Dezarie, the roots artist whose hypnotic and tantalizing voice are featured on the critically acclaimed album FYA.
- More

Reggae Reviews:
Gracious Mama Africa is a wondrous achievement from a tragically underexposed artist. The music, as with Fya, supplied by the incomparable Midnite, feels a bit harder than on her debut, sticking more strictly to a roots reggae sound. - More


Roots empress Dezarie has blessed the reggae community with the deliverance of her newest recording "Gracious Mama Africa". Released on the Afrikan Roots Lab record label, this album emerges from the seeds planted on her amazing debut album of 2001 "FYA". music'. - More

Reggae Vibes:
’s capitivating debut album "Fya" is a rather interesting album packed with conscious and spiritual music, which heralds the arrival of a new female voice to the roots scene. - More

Reggae Reviews:
Jaw-dropping is the word that first comes to mind when describing newcomer Dezarie's debut Fya.  With lyrics and melodies penned by her and music constructed by I Grade and members of Midnite, the songs on this album are nothing short of amazing. - More

Weep Not

The release of Weep Not by I Grade Records punctuates a year in which the conscious roots music of St. Croix emerged as a prominent force in reggae music. No less than 6 "cruz"cial albums were released in 2002 - More

Reggae Reviews:
Weep Not is a righteous, avant-garde mix of roots, dancehall, and jazzy experimentalism from the I Grade label featuring their biggest stars Midnite and Dezarie, along with a host of newcomers from the Virgin Islands. - More

Talkin' Roots Vol. I

Skank Productions:
"Talkin Roots - Volume 1" is one crucial CD. This is hard-core roots reggae with a message, eminating from the U.S. Virgin Islands (with most of the artists hailing from St. Croix). - More

Reggae Reviews:
It's rare that I get so excited to review an album, but such is the case with the compilation Talkin' Roots Volume 1 -- partly because it is so little-known and partly because it's just that good.  A product of the Maryland-based Bambu Station Studio and the newly formed Mt. Nebo Records, Talkin' Roots is a compilation for any proponent of keeping roots reggae alive and fresh. - More

Nemozian Rasta

Reggae Vibes:
Hailing from the Island of St Croix, Midnite is one of the most promising roots reggae bands of the millennium. They are vanguards of conscious reggae who represent the King's and Queen's music to the fullness of Jah. - More

Reggae Reviews:
Described as "a Midnite - I Grade collaboration" (I Grade encompassing the record label, production company, and contributing musicians) -- although it contains 3 tunes from Dezarie (two of which are on her breathtaking debut Fya) -- Nemozian Rasta (Nemozian referring to the Greek goddess of memory who gave birth to the Muses) could be interpreted by fans as a straight Midnite album.
- More

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Dezarie - Live at SNWMF 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam Dezarie - Live at SNWMF 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam Dezarie - Live at SNWMF 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam Dezarie - Live at SNWMF 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam Dezarie - Live at SNWMF 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam
SNWMF 2004 - Photos by Diane 'Livonn' Adam - More SNWMF Photos
Dezarie - Live at Ashkenaz 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam Dezarie - Live at Ashkenaz 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam Dezarie - Live at Ashkenaz 2004 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam
Ashkenaz (Berkeley) - June 2004 - Photos by Diane 'Livonn' Adam
Bob Marley Day Festival - San Diego 2004 Bob Marley Day Festival - San Diego 2004 Heineken & Crucian Christmas Festival - 2002 Heineken & Crucian Christmas Festival - 2002
BMD Festival 2004 - More Crucian X-Mas - 2002 - More
Dezarie - Puerto Rico 2002 Dezarie - Puerto Rico 2002 Dezarie - Puerto Rico 2002
Puerto Rico - 2002
Dezarie at BMD Festival 2003 - Photo by Diane 'Livonn' Adam Dezarie Painting - Artwork by Jesse Watson Dezarie



Su nombre, ella no sabe lo que significa, sólo sabe que es lo que la identifica a ella y a lo que hace. - More



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