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Name: Donel  Connor
Management: Groundbreaking Records
Although his voice was first heard on the Weep Not compilation, Donny Dread's musical contributions surfaced long before that time as he plays on numerous STX recordings including Heed Jah Call, and Nemozian RastaSet De Pace is the name of Donny Dread's debut album, which appears on his own label, Groundbreaking Records.
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The Music

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Donny Dread contributed the selection Step Inna Right on the I Grade compilation Weep Not.  He has also played instruments on numerous albums from other artists.  His debut CD Set De Pace was released by Groundbreaking Records in 2004.  For more information, click on one of the images.  

Album Reviews
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Set De Pace

I Grade Records:
Set De Pace is Donny Dread's diverse album of roots rockers that is a must have for collectors of VI reggae music. Donny Dread has long been one of the VI's most creative producers and artists. Some of his production can be heard of Midnite- I Grade tunes like "Enough for Everyone" and "Mouth of Ancients." Set De Pace presents Donny's various songwriting modes and lyrical flows over quality production - ranging from live roots to hip hop and dancehall influenced beats. - More



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