270,000 residents lived in Swiss Parks in 2020. The Swiss National Park is unequalled in terms of the alpine scenery it offers across its 50mi (80km) of hiking paths and nature trails. Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Parks offer amazing and dramatic nature as well as whole bunch of picture-perfect locations. 29.522806. Almost one hundred years later, time was ripe for another historical moment: in 2007, the new Nature and Cultural Heritage Protection Act provided for more parks to be created. Saxon Switzerland National Park is situated in east-central Germany, along the country's border with Czechia. Our final stop of the Bohemian Switzerland tour was a part of the park located on the German side, where the Kamenice River empties into the Elbe. National park Saxon Switzerland is actually German national park (not Swiss if you had assumed that), located in the Free State of Saxony.It covers an area of 94 square kilometres and it encompasses the German part of Elbe Sandstone Mountains, sometimes referred to as the Saxon Switzerland.It was established in 1990 and since then the park has been one of favourite day trips, especially since . This primarily boils down to the . 4 There is at least one Swiss Park in each of Switzerland's four language regions. 26.868403. 12 There are Swiss Parks in 12 of the 26 cantons. Laying adjacent to Bohemian Switzerland, Saxon Switzerland National Park is located right across the German border. Autumn in german Mountains and Forests - Saxon Switzerland is a hilly climbing and hiking area and national park around the Elbe valley south-east of Dresden in Saxony, Germany. 8h 44m. The name on this tour speaks for itself: From Hensko, the road leads through Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland, mostly along rivers and offers great panoramic views. Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Green grounds in the national park. 1. The park on its northern side borders and is linked to the Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany, which was established in 1990 and covers . When, in 1990, the status of Saxon Switzerland was raised to that of a national park, efforts were stepped up to place the Bohemian part of the Elbe . The Elebe Sandstone Mountains transcend the border and are protected Saxon Switzerland National Park on the Germany side and Bohemian Switzerland National Park on the Czech Republic side. When we visited the Bastei Bridge, it was a very foggy and moody day. Protected Area. Bohemian Switzerland National Park (known in Czech as Cesk vcarsko) sits on the Czech side of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. It is a national park in the north-west of the Czech Republic and east of Germany - in Saxony, the landlocked federal state of Germany. The Saxon Switzerland National Park in German is located in the free state of Saxony, near the capital Dresden. Check Availability. This cycling route to Saxon Switzerland is mostly flat and can be easily done on a day trip. Kurort Rathen Bastei Germany. The national park is found up the German border almost due north of Prague. This is where you can enjoy the hike to the largest sandstone arch in Europe, take a boat ride through beautiful gorges, as well as enjoy a multitude of hiking and cycling trails. There is a free parking lot near the trailhead. Founded in 1914, Swiss National Park was one of the first national parks in Europe, and to this day remains Switzerland's only national park. Often confused because of its name, this park is actually located in Germany and not in Switzerland. -14.88774. The Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Saxon Switzerland National Park is known for its natural beauty attributed to the deep gorge carved out from the Elbe river which has left pinnacles of sandstone that are reminiscent of the gigantic pinnacles of Meteora, Greece and the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, Turkey.. Located in the North-Western part of the Czech Republic, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park lies on the Czech side of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. It leads through Vysok Lpa and Pavlino dol. Saxon Switzerland National Park. Not many people know about this place, not even the locals hence the reason why I was there. This is a surreal landscape that makes you want to take photo after photo after photo. IV. Together with nearby Bohemian Switzerland National Park, the region is often known simply as Saxon Switzerland. The national park is a part of a natural area approximately 710 kilometers squared (274 square miles) in size. 3. The Swiss National Park stretches over 170 km2 and is Switzerland's largest nature reserve.It is known for its abundance of Alpine animals and plants. It covers an area of 93 square kilometers and is located between Pirna and the Czech border. Over in Germany's far eastern corner, the Saxon Switzerland National Park extends over more than 89,000 acres (36,000ha) of the Elbe Sandstone Massif, bizarre eroded rock formations dating back to the Cretaceous Period. It covers two areas of 93.5 km (36.1 mi) in the heart of the German part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, which is often called (the) Saxon Switzerland (German: Schsische Schweiz). Our guide pointed out several viewpoints . Just as Pravcicka Gate is the most popular attraction in Czechia's Bohemian Switzerland, Bastei Bridge is the biggest attraction in Germany's Saxon Switzerland. It is located near the border of Saxony with the Czech Republic and Poland and forms the end of a much-loved and -frequented tourist route from Dresden into the sandstone rock formations along the Elbe river. The bridge rises to a height of 305 meters (1000 feet), and offers an exquisite spot for viewing the Elbe River. Other articles where Saxon Switzerland National Park is discussed: Saxony: Geography: Switzerland, the site of a national park. Founded in 1914, it is the oldest national park in the Alp and at the same time the only wilderness area with the highest conservation status. The park spans 94 sq, km (36 sq. The Bastei Bridge is by far the highlight in Saxon Switzerland, but it's really just a sample of what this beautiful national park has to offer. In 1914, the Swiss National Park made history as the first National Park in the Alps. The Swiss National Park is a wilderness landscape in the Engadine Dolomites that has been untouched by man for 100 years. The upper course of the Elbe River flows from southeast to northwest through the state. It is known for its . Saxon Switzerland (or in german Schsische Schweiz) is National Park in Saxony Germany. Want to go hiking in Saxon Switzerland to explore more of this corner of Saxon Switzerland-East Ore Mountains? Believe me, you will find some of the most stunning Instagram locations in both the Czech Republic and Germany. Thank you for visiting Nature Worldwide on Switzerland. More than half of Saxony's land area is used for agriculture, and about one-fourth The Bastei Bridge, as seen above, was built in 1851, and links several massive rock formations together. The Swiss National Park plays a pioneering role in the European nature conservation scene. The Mulde, a tributary of the Elbe, is the second largest river in Saxony. Saxon Switzerland National Park or Nationalpark Schsische Schweiz in German, is located in the free state of Saxony, close to Dresden. On the other side, Saxon Switzerland National Park continues the preservation area into German territory. The park borders Germany's Saxon Switzerland National Park. All this can be enjoyed in an area of over 170 square kilometers. The Bridge is more of a viewpoint walk than anything but it's also a little bit of a hike to Bastei Bridge. Sabkhat al Jabboul. Main Navigation EN . A guide to walks in the Swiss National Park; Combi-pack: guide to walks / map; Gift Voucher; Along the nature trail in the Swiss National Park; Globi in the Swiss National Park; Globi's Trip through Switzerland; Ungulate Research in the Swiss National Park; Succession . It's an amazing experience and a great . It is around 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) southeast of Dresden, the capital city of Saxony. What to Expect at the Bastei Bridge. Also referred to as Bohemian Switzerland, the Czech Switzerland National Park is bordered by the Elbe . There are several scenic overlooks, similar to the ones in Bohemian Switzerland National Park. From here, the trail starts as a flat, paved path, but soon transitions to a dirt & sand . Offering a sun terrace and views of the mountains, Berghotel Bastei is in the heart of the national park Saxon Switzerland in Saxony, a short distance from Castle Rock Neurathen and Bastei Bridge. 12.7% or 5,269 km2 of the country's land is covered by Swiss parks. The river has amazing and wonderful landscapes. From. A slower, but interesting option is to walk along the Elbe river. It runs almost 1250 km from the Krkonoe Mountains or Czech Republic to the North Sea and also connects the key spots of the Saxon Switzerland National Park to Dresden City Center. It is famous for its wonderful landscape of Sandstone that was formed. The landscape is unique, from sandstone cliffs to deeply carved valleys, table mountains and gorges. Switzerland; Alps; Centenary SNP 2014; Support; Media corner. 5/8/21 Saxon Switzerland (or 'Schsische Schweiz' as it is known in German) is one of Germany's national parks. National parks, Nature reserves and Protected areas of Switzerland provides you with list of all the national parks and other protected areas of Switzerland. Naturpark Pfyn-finges. In this guide, we've reviewed our full collection of hikes and walking routes in Saxon Switzerland to bring you the top 20 hiking routes in the region. Located in the north of the Czech Republic along the German border, the name for the park was coined by 19th-century artists who appreciated its romantically unique atmosphere (even . Bohemian Switzerland National Park. You can be sure of a great vacation in Saxony when you visit Saxon Switzerland National Park. 1914 is the year the Swiss National Park was founded. Everything is nature-oriented in the Swiss National Park in the Engadine. Dom & Jo in front of Bastei Bridge. This empire of rocks is home to the rarest of animals . Globi in the Swiss National Park; Globi's Trip through Switzerland; Ungulate Research in the Swiss National Park; Succession research in the Swiss National Park; Creating Wilderness; Excursion Map Engiadina Ota 1:60 000; Excursion Map Engiadina Bassa 1:60 000; Swiss National Map Engiadin'Ota 1:50 000; Swiss National Map Engiadina Bassa 1:50'000 . What to expect when visiting the Bastei Bridge. Name: Saxon Switzerland National Park Location: Germany Date Established: 1990 Size: 36 square miles (93 square kilometers) Did You Know? One of our optional excursions is an 11 hour day trip to Bohemain/Saxon Switzerland (National Parks that takes us to Bastei Bridge and Neurathan Keep, viewing the Elbe and Gorges of Kemenice Dinghy. Saxon Switzerland National Park or Nationalpark Schsische Schweiz in German, is located in the free state of Saxony, close to Dresden.. Saxon Switzerland National Park . As part of my hiking trip in Switzerland, I and my friend hiked . Search from Czech Switzerland National Park stock photos, pictures and royalty-free images from iStock. Since this is all about visiting Bohemian Switzerland independently, let's start by getting there. A mystical landscape of pine forests and deep valleys, with majestic rock towers, gates, walls, ravines, rock cities and labyrinths rising up from them. The Saxon Switzerland National Park, one of 16 national parks in Germany, is located in the Free State of Saxony in the eastern part of Germany. The Saxon Switzerland National Park is one of Germany's most popular national parks. Among the attractions within the national park is the Knigstein fortress, the spa town of Bad Schandau, Rathen with the Bastei and Lilienstein, the most representative mountain . Located only a couple of hours from Prague and known as one of the most enchanting national parks in Europe, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park in Czech Republic is the perfect hiking experience for those looking forward to feeling nature at its purest form. Getting to Bohemian Switzerland National Park. National Parks Nature & Wildlife Areas. Length: 18.5 mi Est. Border Park Saxon Switzerland National Park borders . Set your starting time, choose your highlights, customize your day. Bad Schandau: 1.5-Hour Saxon Switzerland Paddle Steamer Tour. A fully tailored tour just for you and or your friends. Comprised of sandstone peaks and pine forests it has developed a local reputation over the years for incredible rock-climbing and hiking. It got its name when two Swiss artists teaching in Dresden went on an excursion in the area, and promptly named it Saxon Switzerland after concluding that the majestic Elbe sandstone . BERGHOTEL BASTEI. The bridge is 40 meters (131 feet) above the ground and about 76.5 meters long (250 feet) walking from end to end. Prague or Dresden pickup. 1. Since then, 19 new parks were born or are currently being established. Skip to main content . The Swiss National Park, founded in 1914, is the oldest in the Alps. In the Czech Republic, the park covers an area of 79 km2 and 97% of it is still covered by forest. Its task, simply put, is to preserve the domain of a unique combination of majestic rock villages and sandstone formations with the incredible nature - including the animal kingdom as well as the flora. 598 . Now, getting to Bohemian Switzerland from Prague isn't too hard with a car, as it's a 1 hour 45 minute drive. Although both national parks are interconnected, as they share an area located on the border of the two countries, the parks are different. The park is always open and it is free to visitors. We got to see the famous mountain bridge called Bastei, sandstone towers, and the Neurathen medieval fortress ruins. Saxon Switzerland National Park is located in the eastern part of Germany near the Czech Republic border in the Free State of Saxony. If you are lucky you might also spot wildlife, but the park per se is already fantastic. So the main attraction within this area is, of course, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. To see which of our walks in Saxon Switzerland is the right one for you, browse real tips and photos uploaded by other hikersand . The region is shaped by sandstones, formed from depositions that accumulated on the bottom of the sea millions of years ago.The constant change between these remarkable mountains, ravines and . The return trip is approximately 3 miles (5km) in total. Page updated: . The Saxon Switzerland National Park is one of the most beautiful places for landscape photography in Germany. Private Day Trip of Bohemian Switzerland. We'd love to come back during a clear day for a sunrise or sunset! By TimB2993. That would take out all the fun of the hike, after all. since 1914. There, it is called Saxon . Swiss National Park (Parc Naziunal Svizzer) 112. From April to the beginning of November, this 1.5-hour boat trip departs Bad Schandau every Friday and Saturday (May to October) and takes you on a journey along the rock formations of the Saxon Switzerland National .