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Binghi Ghost
Street Hits
Street Scholars Records
Binghi Ghost - Street Hits

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Keep The Faith is the second Batch album to by released by Sound V.I.Zion Records.  The arrangements, engineering and almost all instruments played on this CD are done by Batch himself, with his empress Ima doing the graphics and most of the background vocals on Keep The Faith.

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Track List:

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Nah Support

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Marcus Garvey

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Shield & The Armor w/ Rico Pabon

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Dem Waan Know

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Good & The Great

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Big Up (remix) w/ I-Roc

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Keep It Open

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No Peace

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Sadness w/ Lutan Fyah

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Mama Earth w/ Relic

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Sgt. Brown

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Dem A Fraud

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Mother Nature

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Greedy Nation

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Listen (remix) w/ Relic & I-Roc

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Skin Dem Burn

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Liner Notes

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Give thanx to mi mooma, mi poopa and sistah... family..bless up!

To my youthman Akai, you are a blessing to behold.... my love for you is boundless and you are the light inna my life... Give itinual thanks to Sophia 'Angel' Rimando for her countless love and devotion to our little boomshot.

Give thanks to the whole ah di west coast army, Iroc, Relic, Unity Lewis, Sergio Monleon... for all their support and contributions that let this project see completion.

Large up to my cruzial crucian breddahs dem man like riel, man like kingkef, daddy amos, Rasdowdye, Indikah & the X-facta army, the whole ah di rock city massive same way.

Right now, in this present time, St. Croix is experiencing the most vibrant time ever for roots, reggae music and the explosion coming out of this small island... I just want to hail up the artist dem who bussin out right yah now:

Midnite band, Army, Sabbattical Ahdah, Mada Nile, Goldfish, Ikahba, Dezarie, Ras Attitude, Batch, Bambu Station, Crypleton, Iba, Bobo Ites, Sistah Joyce, mystical youths and a heap of others, troddin straight forward, playing jah music and spreading this consciousness, ras-pect due, everytime.  

Production Credits

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Executive Producer: Sergio Emilio Monleon
Co-Executive Producer: Cody Schrey
Art Direction & Design: Jedediah Gildersleeve
Cover Artwork: I-Roc
Tracks 4, 5 & 7 produced by Organized Elements
Tracks 7 & 8 produced by ARSonal
Tracks 10 & 18 produced by Relic
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 12, 13 & 17 mixed at the Kitchen, Richmond, CA by Relic
Tracks 4, 5 & 11 mixed at O.E. Studios by Organized Elements
Tracks 7 & 8 mixed by ARsonal
Tracks 9, 12, 15, 16 & 18 mixed at Adeline Studios, Oakland, CA by Drew Campbell
Album mastered by Drew Campbell at Adeline Studios, Oakland, CA
All songs recorded at the Kitchen, Richmond, CA by Relic for Street Scholars except: Tracks 4, 5, 7, 8 & 11. 
I-Roc appears courtesy of Komplex Records

Album Reviews
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Binghi Ghost is a young sing-jay from reggae hotspot St. Croix, but unlike most of the music I've heard from the Virgin Islands thus far, his sound is more focused on dancehall and hip-hop than the roots sound of Midnite and others. About half of the album features dancehall riddims, but there's still a good dose of roots (about 6 or 7 tracks). While only 3 or so tracks have hip-hop beats, there are another 5 or so on which Binghi Ghost has guest MCs rapping, so chances are your enjoyment of Street Hits may depend partly on how much you enjoy your reggae peppered with hip-hop beats and, more importantly, rapping. - More

Reggae Reviews:
It starts quietly. Someone is talking gently, unpretentiously about Rasta livity. Hmm, what is this? Street Hits? Really? But then some chords pound and suddenly we’re immersed in a quick reggae rhythm with voices impulsively chanting—each competing for attention, each passionate, each tuneful. The momentum builds, those voices flowing up and down and around, all propelled by the incessant hip-moving beat. - More

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