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Name: K. Teixeira
Birthplace: Guyana
Residence: Harlem, NY
Artist Web Site:
Yahadanai is truly an artist on the verge. His amazing vocal skills and poetic songwriting are beginning to seep into the ears and minds of reggae listeners around the globe. Originally hailing from Guyana, and now residing in Harlem, Yahadanai is included in VI Reggae because his brand of roots music captures the essence of the STX vibe.
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The Music

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Yahadanai first surfaced musically on the combination he did with Abja  "Pass De Kahn" that appears on Inna Red I Hour.  In 2004, his outstanding debut album One Atonement was released by I Grade Records.  He also lends his voice to a selection on Donny Dread's album Set De Pace. For more information, click on one of the images.  

Album Reviews
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One Atonement Reviews

Reggae Reviews:
Another top-notch release from I Grade Records.  Unlike most of I Grade’s previous efforts, Yahadanai doesn’t hail from the Virgin Islands.Rather, he comes from Guyana and now calls Harlem (New York City, for those unfamiliar with the Globetrotters) home. But the I Grade sound (which could as well be called the VI Sound) -- a rich roots reggae landscape kept on edge with modern twists -- is ever-present, thanks to label mainstays like Laurent "Tippy" Alfred (who produced and arranged all of the songs), Tuff Lion and Kenyatta Itola. - More
I Grade Records has done it again. They introduced the world to mystic Cruzan reggae music with Midnite, Dezarie, and Abja; demonstrating that they are adept at culling and nurturing artists dedicated to devotional music. Now, label owner Laurent “Tippy” Alfred and crew have moved beyond the borders of St. Croix to bring Guyanese singjay Yahadanai to the reggae listening world.
- More

Skank Productions:
"One Atonement" is the debut release by Yahadanai, an extremely talented singjay hailing from Guyana. This is another release on the I Grade label, so you know that means it's fresh and rootical. You'll find 14 tunes here with tight musicianship and great production. Things start off with the acoustic intro of "Rise" and ends over an hour later with its dub version. - More

Reggae Vibes:
The production team of I Grade Records proves to have a keen ear for exciting new talent as can be witnessed by listening to the works of Yahadanai (pronounced YAH dah nai). Introduced to the world through his collaboration with Abja on the album "Inna Red I Hour", young singjay Yahadanai now delivers his much anticipated debut album "One Atonement". - More

Reggae France: (french)
St-Croix ? Cette petite île de l'archipel des Iles Vierges Américaines commence à se faire remarquer. Certains y voient le berceau du renouveau d'un roots qui aurait quitté la Jamaïque… Le label insulaire I Grade Records se distingue avec des productions finement ciselées, aux arrangements superbes. Ce qui ne fait pas défaut au premier album de Yahadanai, "One Atonement". - Encore

Surforeggae: (Portuguese)
, sem dúvida é um artista que rompe fronteiras. Sua impressionante habilidade vocal e letras poéticas estão conquistando milhares de fãs do autêntico Reggae Roots por todo o mundo. Originalmente saído da Guiana, Yahadanai atualmente mora no Harlem, Nova York – Estados Unidos. Suas influências musicais são globais, e ele reúne a beleza emocional de um Africano, o carisma e poder de um cantor Caribenho, e as entonação dos artistas Ocidentais. Seu primeiro álbum, “One Atonement” mostra todas essas influências mescladas em músicas estonteantes. - Mais

Achi's Reggae Blog:
Yahadanai’s ULTRA simple style of chanting was so refreshing and given the BEAUTIFUL backdrops he had at his disposal from the hands of Tippy Alfred and the venerable Tuff Lion, he made One Atonement the best album it could possibly be and MAYBE the best album I-Grade has EVER released in its nearly decade long history. - More

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Yahadanai Yahadanai Yahadanai
Yahadanai - One Atonement Promo


Yahadanai is truly an artist on the verge. His amazing vocal skills and poetic songwriting are beginning to seep into the ears and minds of reggae listeners around the globe. His collaboration with Abja on the album, Inna Red I Hour, brought rave reviews for the talented young artist. His beautiful vocal tone perfectly complimented Abja's captivating wails to produce one of the most memorable tunes of the album.

Originally hailing from Guyana, Yahadanai now resides in Harlem, NYC. His musical influences are global, as his flow embodies the emotional beauty of an
African griot, the charisma and fyah of the Caribbean chanter, and the skilled intonations of a Middle Eastern singer.

Yahadanai's debut album, One Atonement, is sure to expose Yahadanai's unique gifts to listeners around the globe.



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