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Knowledge Is Power


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Knowledge Is Power

Over the past few years the sounds of roots reggae music emanating from the island of St. Croix has risen in meteoric proportions.  Rootical rhythms are blended with conscious chanting to give the music a unique sound. 

Though most of the singers and musicians hail from St. Croix, some come from the neighboring U.S. Virgin Islands of St. Thomas and St. John.  Still others have journeyed to distant places, yet the 'Cruzial' vibe still permeates through their music.  

VIREGGAE is livicated to bringing the heartical roots music of St. Croix forward to the masses.  Here you will find information about the more than 150 albums of STX roots music that have been released to date.  Real Audio files of most of these albums are available at VIREGGAE as well.  VIREGGAE RADIO offers you an opportunity to listen to roots music from the Virgin Islands non-stop for days without hearing the same song twice.  We have also put together links to all known web sites pertaining to the Artists and Record Labels participating in this St. Croix musical uprising.  For albums that are still available, links to web sites where the music can be purchased are also included.    

The Labels

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This is the place to learn more about the numerous record labels emanating from the U.S. Virgin islands. - More  


Find out more about all of the artists that comprise the STX musical explosion.  For each artist we have compiled a list of all known recordings and have included additional info such as bios, reviews, photos, interviews and links pertaining to each artist. - More  

The Albums

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Here you will find the most extensive listing of roots reggae music from the U.S. Virgin Islands. - More

The News

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This is the place to keep up to date on new releases, tour dates and all the latest St. Croix runnings. - More  

VI Reggae Radio

VI Reggae Radio offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy roots music from the U.S. Virgin Islands non-stop for days without ever hearing the same selection twice. - More  

The Lyrics

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This page offers the lyrics to nearly 100 STX songs along with a multimedia presentation of 50+ songs. - More  

Tour Dates

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Learn about concerts and tour dates for VI Artists spreading thier message to the four corners. - More  

The Interviews

Interviews and Press Conferences of VI Artists in Real Audio format.  Most interviews were conducted by VIREGGAE and our sister site IREGGAE. The Others were done by fellow DJs and lovers of  'Cruzial' music. - More

The Videos

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Watch some cruz'ial music videos & live performances- More    


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