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Jan. 12 C'sted, St. Croix Club 54 - I Grade Showcase with Army, Abja, Mada Nile & Danny I

Abja ~ Danny I ~ Mada Nile ~ NiyoRah

Sept. 19 Baltimore, MD Lithuanian Hall
Sept. 20 Bundy, VT Rise Up Vermont
Sept. 21 Boston, MA Bill's Bar
Sept. 22 Providence, RI Black Reperatory
Sept. 24 Brooklyn, NY Public Assembly
Sept. 25 Fredericksburg, VA The Loft
Sept. 26 Philadelphia, PA Wall Street
Sept. 27 Silver Spring, MD Mayorga Cafe
Sept. 28 Ocean City, MD Phillips Beach Plaza
Sept. 29 Newport News, VA Cozzy's
Oct. 1 Blowing Rock, NC Canyons of the Blue Ridge
Oct. 3 Asheville, NC Grey Eagle
Oct. 4 Atlanta, GA Apache Cafe
Oct. 5 Greensboro, NC Club Rain

Abja ~ Danny I ~ Tuff Lion ~ Volcano

Nov. 7 Arcata, CA Mazzotti's
Nov. 8 Caspar, CA The Caspar Inn
Nov. 11 Caspar, CA Moes Alley
Nov. 15 Bolinas, CA Bolinas Community Center w/ Lady Passion
June 24 Boonville, CA Sierra Nevada World Music Fest - With Mada Nile
June 26 Santa Barbara, CA Sand Bar - With Mada Nile
June 29 Laguna Beach, CA Laguna School Of Music - W/ Mada Nile
July 1 Los Angeles, CA Key Club - With Mada Nile
July 3 Ukiah, CA Ukiah Brewing Company - W/ Mada Nile
July 4 Caspar, CA The Caspar Inn - With Mada Nile
July 5 Nevada City, CA Cooper's - With Mada Nile
July 6 Berkeley, CA Shattuck Down Low - With Mada Nile & Binghi Ghost
July 7 Santa Cruz, CA Moe's Alley - With Mada Nile
Jan. 5 C'sted, St. Croix Club 54 - I Grade Showcase with Niyorah, Ancient King, Abja & Danny I
Jan. 8 St. Croix, USVI Abja, Army, NiyoRah and Ancient King will all perform at Winter Reggae In Paradise
Feb. 28 New York, NY SOBs - Opening for Anthony B
March 2 Washington, DC Cafe U-Turn
March 3 Virginia Beach, VA The Jewish Mother
March 4 Asheville, NC The Grey Eagle
March 5 Baltimore, MD Eden's Lounge
March 10 San Francisco, CA The Independent
March 12 Redway, CA Mateel Community Center
March 14 Mendocino, CA The Caspar Inn
March 16 Grass Valley, CA Nevada County Fairgrounds
March 17 Santa Cruz, CA Moe's Alley
March 18 San Luis Obispo, CA The Grad
March 29 Solana Beach, CA The Belly Up
March 31 San Diego, CA World Beat Center
July 18 Mendocino, CA Caspar Inn
July 19 Fairfax, CA 19 Broadway
July  20 Squaw Valley, CA Zenbu Lounge
July 21 Pudding River, OR Northwest World Reggae Festival
July 22 Arcata, CA Mazzotti's
July 23 Santa Cruz, CA Moe's Alley
Nov. 13 Santa Cruz, CA Moe's Alley w/ Army, Abja and Ancient King
Nov. 14 Mendocino, CA Caspar Inn w/ Army and Abja
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July 22 Washington, DC Mawanaj
July 23 Hampton, VA Bahir Dar
July 24 Asheville, NC The Grey Eagle
July 28 Seattle, WA Studio 7
July 29 Portland, OR Red Sea
July 30 Arcata, CA Mazzotti's
July 31 San Francisco, CA Studio Z
Aug 1 Nevada City, CA Miners Foundry
Aug 2 Santa Cruz, CA Moe's Alley
Aug 3 Berkeley, CA Ashkenaz
Aug 13 Brooklyn, NY Brownsville Music Fest