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A Miracle of Joy & Meditation
Bambú Station Inna Israel
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by Lizette Llanos

(Washington, D.C.) - Two prominent recording artists from the Virgin Islands, Bambu Station, the dynamic roots reggae band from St. Croix and St. Thomas, and Iba of St. Croix, returned on June 1st from their first tour of the "Holy Land," Israel.

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Bambu Station in Dimona Bambu Station at Barbi Club - Tel Aviv

Bambu Station and Iba were prominently featured at the New World Passover Festival in Dimona, Israel where they were overwhelmingly greeted with throngs of concert goers from the African Hebrew Israelite Community. Their spiritual leader, Ben Ammi, took time to greet each performing artist and band member. Bambu Station also packed the house at the Kibbutz Ze Elim, as well as the Barbi Club and Om Beach, both located in Israel's thriving metropolis, Tel Aviv.

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The Spiritual Journey of Bambu Station's Tuff Lion & Jalani Horton at Om Beach - Tel Aviv
Photos by Ras Guil
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The band played songs from their 2002 smash compilation "Talkin' Roots I," their award-winning 2003 release "One Day," their 2005 release, "Talkin' Roots II" and their forthcoming band album, "Bird's I View." The band functioned on the highest of vibes and energy and the crowds reacted feverishly, many times individually trying to express their love and appreciation for the band. Several times the band had to respond to not one, but three encores, and the crowd still could not get enough. St. Croix's Iba, who opened each show, set the pace with spirited and engaging songs from his forthcoming release "Many Lives" and his 2003 debut album, "Jah Lion (Children of the Nile)." Crowd favorites were "Save the World," "World Crisis," "Afrika" and "Jah Lion!"

According to promoter Rasta Guil, "Amazing grace, Highest inspiration, generous, symphony of music, INTELLIGENT lyrics fe real, MESSAGE AS STRONG AS A ROCK, beautiful, milk and honey, revolutionary, different, highest music, sweet Reggae music, deep roots, deep reasoning... I can go on for hours... The crowd enjoyed them to the max. More than 3 hours per show!"

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Prior to performing at Om Beach, Tuff Lion, Bambu Station & Iba visit the "Life Sea"
Photos by Ras Guil
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Bambu Station's lead singer, Jalani Horton, reflected on the shows and journey. "The shows were very intense and spirited, but the land of Israel was equally so. We were graciously blessed by the expressions of love and support extended by the African Hebrew Israelite Community, the Kibbutz Ze Elim Community, and the massive reggae lovers in Tel Aviv. We would like to thank them from our hearts' depths."

Bambu Station will commence its Summer tour on June 17th at the world famous Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Angels Camp, California, along with fellow Virgin Islanders Iba, Army, Pressure, Batch, Ras Attitude, & the Zioneers Band. The tour will include the entire U.S. west coast, Mexico, and the Hawaiian Islands, and it will conclude with two weeks in Western Europe in August.

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