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Baptized In The Ghetto
Groundbreaking Records

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This Greoundbreaking Records release features some of the first musical tracks voiced by XKaliba. The 14 tracks on this album include a lovely combination with Vaughn Benjamin and Donny Dread.

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Track List:

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Baptized In The Ghetto

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Tell The Children

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Jah Rescue Me

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Tell Me Bout Selassie

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Help The Poor w/ Donny Dread & V. Benjamin

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Praises Unto The Father

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Bling Bling

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Enjoy Life

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Legalize The Herb

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Babylon Lie

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Reggae King

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Empress Of The Earth

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Loose A Finger

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Production Credits

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All lyrics and vocal melodies by XKaliba with the exception of Track #3 "Help The Poor"
All songs produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Donel "Donny Dread" Connor of Groundbreaking Records except Track #1 "Baptized In The Ghetto", Track #4 "Bling Bling", Track #11 "Enjoy Life" produced and arranged by Tippy Alfred of I Grade Records.  Additional musicians: Batch Cumberbatch (Drums), I-G (Bass) on Track #13 "Reggae King"


Liner Notes

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I Give Thanks to the Almighty "Jah Rastafari" Haile Selassie I, Christ in he Kingly Character, (Acts 2:29-30), The Lionel Family, Ranking Pulse, Donnie Dread, Dale Melody, Tippy, Vaughn (Midnite), Ozee, Ankh Watep, Gravity Band, Zioniers, Yonachak, Reggae Bubblers, Jacob Seed, Danto, Yami, Bishop, D.J. Swain (Under Ground Sound), Terry (Bad Riddims), Criminal (Death Row), Zion Roots, Hilltop Sounds, Top-Shotta, and All the others I have worked with over the years, Biggz, L.E. Ex. Corp / New Age Designs for Album Cover and Graphics, Waricka Crew, Tuga and the SCC Crew, Impi, All the V.I. Massive, Sofferalli Massive, C.H.S. Class of 94.

Each & everyone who has supported me over the years thru music and all the Singers and Players of Instruments who have inspired I & I (Bless / Raspect)

This Album is Livicated to Anthony (Belto) Hill, Jahmakey, Kerby, Rally Hodge, Yoshua Terrence (Bouncer) Heywood.

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Donny Dread - Set De Pace

Album Reviews
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Reggae Reviews:
Xkaliba -- the 'Original Nine Fingers' as he labeled himself since his right hand was crushed in a machine while working a summer job in a metal shop in 1992, which made that his right index finger was amputated -- belongs to a group of lesser known V.I. roots artists, who already have shown potential on compilation albums, but are waiting for an international breakthrough. On the basis of his musical efforts gathered on this debut album, there's no doubt Xkaliba will succeed in his mission to become a familiar name amongst reggae fans on a far wider scale. - More
Xkaliba's style is strictly Virgin Island roots. His style definitely works throughout the entire album and by my own rule, when every song is about something, it generally makes the album much easier to listen to (and review!). Although I rarely describe a roots album as such, the word that first comes to mine when really listening to Baptized in the Ghetto is FUN. It is thoroughly informative and even more so entertaining to listen to this album. The production is top notch (and even up to a few years ago, in my own experience with the music, that wasn't necessarily always the case in VI reggae as the talent was still developing and the attention and necessary funds were still accruing) from Donny Dread, and for his own part, Xkaliba not only has a full understanding of his topics (which run the usual roots gambit from first and foremost HIM Jah, the Empress, Mama, Babylon business and Black enlistment) but a unique method of creating not only vibes and melodies, but odd little stories which more than get his point across, and although I mentioned that he wasn't as talented as was Sabbattical Ahdah, he's no rookie at the game and his actual lyrical and flow ability is top notch, whether pure roots or dancehall. - More

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