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Various Artists
Eastbound Vol. III
Iyah Ites Production

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Seven years after the release of the initial compilation, Iyah Ites returns with 'Eastbound Vol. III'.  The tracks on this CD includes selections from Massiah, Danny I, Iyah Lion, Sekhu, De Apostle Youths, Jah Empress and many others.

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Track List:

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Massiah & Iyah Lion - Train To Zion

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K Factor - Pass Me By

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Danny I - Mass Again

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King Lyon - Memory Road

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Young General - Where Should I Go

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Iyah Lion Band - Eva Since

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Iyah Lion Band - You

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Massiah - Don't Loose Da Faith

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Sekhu - Jah Is My Guide

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Jah Empress - 6 For Ah 9

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De Apostle & Iyah Lion -  Majeliah

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Empress D - Be Careful

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Massiah - What It's All About

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King Lyon - Black Woman I Love

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Jah Empress - I Am A Rasta

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Danny I - Vanity

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Danny I - Ahrise

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Eastbound III (Zion Train is the newest and hottest various artist CD coming out of the Virgin Island.  Eastbound III stems from the first compilation CDs Eastbound I & II.

Eastbound I featuring Sabbattical Ahdah, Midnite Band, Army & Cripleton, which began to open the doors for all other artist coming out of the Virgin Island.  Eastbound II (More Fire) featuring Danny I, Mystical Youths, Sabbattical Ahdah and Bobo-Ites.  This was a step by step Iyah Ites Promotion to circulate Eastbound I and II throughout the world.

Both Eastbound I and II has proved itself, and has been accepted to be on an international market as one of the best compilation CD ever to come out of the V.I.  These CDs has been rated and complimented by major distribution companies and radio stations throughout the nation.  Iyah Ites has put together by popular demand from fans throughout the nation Eastbound III featuring artists like Massiah, Jah Empress, De Apostle, Danny I, King Lyon, Young General, Sekhu and Iyah Lion Band featuring D Harmony.  This CD was constructed to reach the soul, heart and mind, and also to enlighten the meditation & consciousness in the Rastafari community.  This is a diverse CD with a mixture of conscious hard roots, reggae, Hip-Hop, R&B and hardcore dancehall compelled to attain a higher intellectual, moral and spiritual level. 

Iyah Ites Promotion will like to give a special thanks to all the artists who contributed their time and effort to this project. 

To all radio station/web online radio that loyally support the Virgin Island artists by placing them in rotation and giving them world wide promotion. 

To all the fans that constantly support VI music, we give much thanks to you!!  To all DJ Sound Systems, nuff Big Up and Respect for keeping the V.I. fire blazing.

Ah special bless up to the Staff: Shakela and Linda, Our friends and family like Troy, Skeppel, DK, Tony & Shelly from UMB Soldiers, Kenny, Lamar from Mail Boxes etc., Ras Amba Miguel, King Dread, Tashema & Ninja P.

Blessed Love To ALL!!!  "United We Stand Divided We Fall"  Rastafari Live!!

Livicated to Ras Bigga - 12/24/73 - 9/14/04

All tracks produced by Ras Sagie and Nathan 'Skimo' Francis
Tracks 2, 5, 8 & 14: Bandele Chinouyazue - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Tracks 3, 9, 13: Kenny Byron - Lead Guitar; Bandele Chinouyazue - Rhythm Guitar
Track 15: Bandele Chinouyazue - Rhythm Guitar; Dwayne 'D Harmony' Morris - Keyboards

1iyahites.jpg (8097 bytes)Album recorded at Iyah Ites Recording Studio
Iyah Ites Production
(340) 713-5388 / (340) 778-9879

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