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Inner Visions Releases
"Stay Alive" CD

First time record release Party in California: InnerVisions Reggae Band with the newest and smoothest release to date!!!!!


Where: LaSalles
              229 Broadway St.
              Chico, CA. 95923
When:  Friday July 9, 2010
Time:   8:30PM - 11:30PM

This group of gentle giants have been together for over 30 years literally (well they are family and JAH knows you can't pick your family). LOL... Well nuff said. In those 30 years the Band have managed to stay intact with the two brothers, Philip "Grasshopper" Pickering (lead singer and guitar) and Alvin "Jupiter" Pickering (backing vocals and bass).

The long time second lead singer Ras Paul (Paul Samms) has decided to retire (this was sad news to my ears - as Ras Paul was near and dear to my heart). However, the main ingredients of the InnerVisions Reggae band remains strong and has even moved up to a higher level with - Akiba "Mr. Snooze" Pickering, taking on more of the vocals left in void by Ras Paul. I have watched Akiba grow over the years and have always thought that his natural abilities to woooo a crowd was being stunted by the older gentlemen in the group... well as they say in the business; "he had not paid his dues" well I think, they can now take those words to the bank as Akiba continues to hold his own, front and center stage. Although he is not what a lot of you have come to love in Ras Paul; Akiba is himself nothing less than Majestic in his youthful delivery and energy; whether it is his dancehall version or the roots of Reggae, Akiba can and will deliver to any audience, he is very versatile.

I can honestly say Akiba musically is to Grasshopper (his father) what Kenyatta Hill is to his late-father Joseph Hill (inherited musical prowess), the apple most definitely does not fall far from the tree.

There is one other InnerVisions member he don't always get much attention being the drummer. However reports from the states and abroad; reviewers and fans alike said he should. Being that Reggae is Bass and Drums.. the key element to this group is; yes another one of grasshoppers sons. Aswad " Hollywood" Pickering.. I call him the baby of the group (and he Is literally).. however his drum playing makes a person take a second look, as there is nothing young about his drumming. It has been less than 6 years that Aswad has been performing with InnerVisions, he was literally taught the drums in 1 (one), yes 1 (one) year by his dad. Watching and listening to him perform you would have sworn Aswad has been at it more years than his age belies. He's just that good darlins! trust me.. better yet.. don't trust me (smile).. run out there and see for yourself.. you be the judge.

Oh and young ladies you know I have to keep you in mind. Aswad and Akiba are cuties, I can say that being a seasoned woman. (smile). Aswad with his sexy demeanor and Akiba with those big owl eyes and the brightest smile around. You can't miss them. And of course Grasshopper and Jupiter now since Ras Paul's departure have to take on a more elderly role. LOL.... they are all standing their own musically sound and ready to Rock you with reggae from A-Z...

Inner Visions with Tarrus Riley
Photo by:  thatreggaewoman

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