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Natural Vibes

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Natural Vibes brings you Itinualjah, a compilation featuring mostly Ras L productions with vocals from Ras Calle, Vaughn Benjamin, Xkaliba, Jah Rubal, Volcano, Massiah, Little Judgement and Jah Youth.

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Track List:

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Real Audio

Real Audio

1. Ras Calle - Altogether Real Audio 9.

Volcano - Won

Real Audio
2. Vaughn Benjamin - Sang Real Real Audio 10.

Volcano - Pushtru

Real Audio
3. XKaliba - Bling Bling Real Audio 11.

Massiah - Greedy

Real Audio
4. Jah Rubal - Ina O Real Audio 12.

Little Judgement - Night Water Ships

Real Audio
5. XKaliba - Enjoy Life Real Audio 13.

Jah Youth - After All These Things

Real Audio
6. Massiah - 1st Uv De Hebrews Real Audio 14.

Jah Rubal - Guidinstar

Real Audio
7. Ras Calle - Jah Stranga Real Audio 15.

Little Judgement - The People

Real Audio
8. Jah Youth - Blessed Assurance Real Audio


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All songs produced by Ras L except for tracks 3 & 5, produced by Laurent "Tippy" Alfred of I Grade Records.
Mastered by Specialized Mastering

Natural Vibes, LLC
702 N. Main Street
Brockton, MA  02301
(508) 586-0314

Natural Vibes


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