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Various Artists

Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


NiyoRah - Badness Will Bloody U

The Almighty is the baddest man
But nuff man believe dem run the world
You must be mad my youth
I & I come to speak raw truth

With your guns, your funds, someone can still bloody you
With your Benz, your ends, some friends can still bloody you
With your strap, your crack, your slack will still bloody you
Bloody you, bloody you

With your coke, your dope, yuh rope can still bloody you
With your gold, your role, bill-fold can still bloody you
With your hype, your stripes, any fight can still bloody you
With your badness, no one will study you

Jah faith so great, so Rasta stay trodding through
The light, so bright, Jah nature ignite God in you
But still, your skill, is to kill everyman walking through
Walking through, walking through

You feel you make outta steel, thereís no stopping you
But now tings hot, you got a lot a shot up in you
Mama feel the drama of what her sonís been through
Been through, been through,


The path it start, from heart no other place
Your mind will find, the time to set the pace
The road, the code the mode donít be amazed
Amazed, amazed

The thugs, the mugs, the drugs control the streets
The slums, around, up down poor people sleep
So humble, concrete jungle life no sweet
Nuh sweet, nuh sweet,


Repeat 1st Verse




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