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Various Artists

Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


NiyoRah - Blues Experience

Sitting on the seashore today, I donít wanna see more of them
Sitting on the seashore ooh yeah, I donít wanna see more problem
Sitting on the seashore I pray, everything will just be okay
I see more of the them, I wish we could be more ooh yeah

Iím having a blues experience yeah,
I know what to do, Iím so diligent yeah
Cause one vibe that makes this thing great though
Is consistency which completes the rainbow, the rainbow

I know what to choose, peace over war yeah
Life should be a cruise, breathe of life gimme more yeah
Grass it is green for a reason, colors identify the season, the season


Buzzing molecules, intimate sense yeah
There is no side to choose, cause balance reigneth yeah
This level of joy is what they call bliss
Itís the topic talked about in ancient scripts, ancient scripts

Take your feet out your shoes, catch the freedom movement yeah
See the trees as they move, eternal presence yeah
It is said that your silence is golden
It retreats to the earth that is molten, molten   


Repeat 1st Verse




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