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Bambu Station

Break The Soil

Mt. Nebo Records



Let's live, Brotherhood, let's be, Brotherhood
Let's see, Brotherhood, let's sing about, Brotherhood

Like an army of love, fighting the negative down
Like the locusts come from South,
Covering everything to the ground
Like a Saviour from above, giving their life, soul & love
Just imagine us now, armed in each others arms,  
So the wicked must bow.

Neighbor fighting neighbor, because of ego,
Disagreement & folly
The more we pass the time in vexation,
Distance becomes the reality
Disagreement safe for at least you know,
Deceit not around
For the ones who can disagree with you,
In dem a true friend is found
So let there be no strife I pray, between you & me
Let there be love, without dissimilation
Cause we are bredrens of thee
A spiritual mind is filled with life,
A spiritual mind is filled with peace
Standfast Jah Army & ponder the ways of thy feet  


Tribal hearts, singing war chants,
Destroying all, communal influence
Just because of lil' transgression, glorify your halls,
With discretion, cause
Neighbor loving neighbor, forgiving neighbor,
Forbearing neighbor is good, neighbor building neighbor,
Harvesting neighbor, intensive labor is 'Hood
From the Queen Alpha to the King Omega,
Not a stone to be left unturned
So what can come between can also be squeezed,
To strengthen & build brotherhood  


Not a stone to be left unturn, not a stone to be left unseen
Not a stone in the roots of our trees, I'm talkin' to me bredrens please
I'm talkin' to the soldiers on the street,
Tings more complex than the things that you see
Tings more complex than the tings that you see  




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