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Bambu Station

Break The Soil

Mt. Nebo Records


Chance To Grow


Sing out yea, beckon yea, beckon dem Reemah, let's beckon dem
Every situation is a chance to grow,
And every sunrise another chance to sow
With our hands in soil, we making furrow,
Examine what you know

Who master Ghana? That we assimilating the assimilator
Foregoing our tongues & our beautiful dress
Just know their democracy is the greener grass test
So Elder, Sister, yo younger Brother,
Watch me scars so no more will suffer
I pray, I beg,  my word consider,
Sometime ago I met a bridge-builder who say


How can we forward in life,
If dem don't want the children start use their mind
Give up dem heritage me tell you just for the dime,
When in reality dem Willie Lynching all the while
Mistakes of my parents dem cannot be mine,
For a part of tradition dem a stand up in the line
How can their hearts be content when fallacies they oblige,
A just the blind a lead the blind


The more you live you learn, make choices that's your own
Threatening to break dem ties and I'm still not concern
For the lies I can't live anymore a page got to turn,
Got to wisen up and make that move
Nothing in their plan for us so what is the use,
Ignorance is degradation, do not refuse
Knowledge that is power seek only the truth


So we got to look & live & come together,
With the courage to call our follies our errors
Our lives like buzzards circling in the air,
Circling death because Jah know we afraid yea
To examine our ways & our righteous thinking,
Not because it's a Black fact you can say it's the right ting
So when you speak your truth make sure you seek it from the source,
From not a man on this Earth did life spring-forth me say

Hey, beckon dem, sing out & beckon dem,
Let your voice beckon dem, Reemah!

Wake up and live, we've got to wake up & live (2x)
Got to be wise, children open your eyes, living in crucial times
With the righteous man dem, with the righteous man dem
Stand up firm in a the Most High, just stand firm in a the Most High
And they could never stop we, dem could a never stop we
Said dem can't stop we, yea...yea




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