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Various Artists

Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


Pressure - Firebun Day

Sunday law, Sunday law, Sunday law, Pressure
Why you deceive the multitude of blacks on Sunday
Take the Holy Sabbath for a fun day
Then worst, you issue guns on Monday
That’s why for me everyday is fireburn day
Everyday inna the slum is burst your gun day
No ask me why if you really care then come there
Selassie I say fe beat the kete drum, that’s what the Pressure come say

Teach the people, the truth no leech the people
Well London just now divide & rule & preach the people
The same food dem grow inna laboratory dem feed the people
A longtime me know the governor want mislead the people
Tell dem take heed the people, no matter race or creed the people
Babylon never yet mentally free the people
Hey yo, hidden facts & documents I read the people
Yet still dem never admit dem need the people
Then boy so you send a subpoena fe a little misdemeanor
Well no that Pressure no in, me find out say dem a schemah
Dem same ones say get your vouchers from VITEMA
Ah couldn’t ah M.R.E. dem boy deh want fe check FEMA
Everyday me see you pass inna your Beemah
Fe disrespect the dirty cause you cleaner
Hey yo, my description is visible but my heart is unseen


My people, up on your feet, up on your feet, no evil
Up on the street, up on the street
If you no share that simply means your heart weak
Could’ve been crackers, could’ve have been burn-wheat
Could’ve been knowledge or whatever you de seek
Just remember Pressure no goin’ join no Babylon click
Independence is the only way me see it
Hell haffe fe’ collide when John Pope get beat!


Repeat 1st verse  


Prophecy is fulfilling, and the people are stopping the killing
No more blood start spilling, Rastafari, throw away & dash away the shilling,
And everyone come together & start chilling




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