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Bambu Station

Break The Soil

Mt. Nebo Records



And the Kingdom of Yah has revealed itself
I sit at the feet of Kings in the morning, in the dawn of my rise
In counsel with the blessed & most  learned, leaders godly & wise
Just imagine sitting in the counsel of righteous kings
Thousands of years condensed in a written Testament

Sing a song of a rejoicing man, HalleluYah
An amazing grace has swept over the land, HalleluYah
Sing a song of a rejoicing man, HalleluYah
The Most High Jah in woman & man, Halleluyah

Now understanding that which was not known
Thought it was me but there were angels all around
The more I learn I see how much I don't really know
Came into my life & shake the negative down
Blessing me with strength when my weaknesses abound
These angels are real people I man a know
The offerings of the righteous are God-inspired words
So I give onto thee thanks & praises


And so me sing with joy, counting my blessings yea
One way is life no ploy, full grace, full deliverance can be our destiny
For in this life we find, the beginning of which is the Almighty yea
A  blessing for all mankind, a Proverbial stance, clear for all we to see


In the morning, while I'm waking, giving praises, silent talking,

Conversing in me mind, trying to be real & honest with me given time
Getting set in my ways, in my prayers, in these days
Nah look far, for here cometh wisdom
Extolling a God-blessed deliverance, praise


Sing that song, live that song, see that song, be that song (5X)  



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