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Various Artists

Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


Star Lion Family - I-land Hopping

Star Lion Family is here!

Leaving from the VI, just flying over seas
Star Lion up on a plane ride to touch down in Martinique
To get the people moving, to get dem on their feet
We've been touring the islands for the whole week

Forward there ain't no stopping, the whole family going island hopping
You never know which island we're going to dock in
We got to keep the Caribbean rocking
Pants crisp, new shirt, collar popping,
Got the ladies catting & they’re watching
You don't wanna miss the show when it happen
People clapping & whole heap a finger snapping

From Port to Port & dock to dock
St. Kitts, Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago right back to Rock
From place to place & spot to spot, St. Vincent, Grenada,
Island called Saba like it alot

Corner beat up on the street,
But yo the vibe is so sweet in Costa Rica
Me no play with senorita, when me greet her squeeze you,
I'm so glad to meet you
When me deh pon the beach some St. Lucia
Gal in a the front row looking so sweet yo
Dem grin their teeth, dem laugh how we speak
When the Family a spit it unique
<From coast to coast & place to place>
We see different faces, from different races
All kind of shapes, all kinds of waists
<From coast to coast & place to place>
So pack you suitcases, rentee from Avis
Gal what name Mavis really contagious


Then me went Antigua & Anquilla
It was like the 'Thrilla in Manilla'
Under me umbrella drinking Sarsaparilla
Where the girl dem cooling, relaxing chilling by the Villa
Then we went St. Martin, & you done know what happen
Indoor, big show everybody now know what the girl dem talking

(Niyo Rah)
Sacafete how you do? Curacao & Guadeloupe
Vincent & Grenada, Rico & Jamaica
Hands lift it up, light a flash big it up
If you love where you from represent for your area
Mango, Coconut, Breadfruit
Is a what the Rastaman know bout from youth
To all island people a royal salute, Caribbean gal dem so cute


(Rafijah) Spanish Verse


Yo Pressure this! Yo!
Come on, it's a party in here, don't be tardy in here
So many beautiful shorties in here,
Roots wine inna me head it's getting naughty in here

Ain't no lawdy dawdy in here
Girls showing off their body in here, betta beware, it's a Family affair
Anything can appear, you love the beat get out your chair  




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