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Bambu Station

Break The Soil

Mt. Nebo Records


I Rememba

Sweet breeze an aroma fills the air,
Coconut Bread & Bush Tea me Granny made for me
She said son, "rise, time to face the day,
Time to plant your seeds & manifest beyond me"
Son you got to be wise & nah compromise in this one life
Don't follow behind, but stand in line & choose your time
I can see these tings as clear as day,
She gave me love, common sense & Godness

I rememba, yesterday
O how I miss, how I miss those simpla days (2x)

Cool breeze bless our horizons, sweet, sweet, sweet memories
Lovely as diamonds you see
Bare-feets, barefoot, bareback all day,
Till in the bush we gone, that's how we ramp & play
Cause unda Genip tree, we hang yea,
Raiding Mango tree when they gone way
Dyeing our brand new sneakers black was the style
I see these tings as clear as day,
Granny would shake her head & just pray


Summer vibes, summer nights, summer days,
Blue skies, hot sun, all man want shade
But Granny say, boy "watch your company, 
Man who lie down with dog, will get up with fleas"
But unda Genip tree, we hang yea, raiding Mango tree,
When they gone way
Now riding our skants down Lindbergh Bay,
Brownskin against clear waters I can see
Gone out to the bouy was child's play,
See Sonny trying catch shark, that kill he dog today


I rememba, yea, I rememba yea, I rememba
That's how we ramp & play yea, that's how we ramp & play yea



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