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Various Artists

Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


Ickarus  - I See Danger

His Majesty! Yes Black people, ah me tell you
This world is filled with nuff fantasies & illusions,
Check yourself
The system designed to mess with your mind
They never want you know the truth
Just trod on your way, continue to pray
Care the tree that bear the fruit

People we have got to move on
Must upgrade our minds &
Develop more positive ways of thinking
Life is not a dream!
We have got to stay strong
Yea man, tell all of them youth out there that whaí
Faith is great, for itís the evidence of tings unseen!

Tell them I see danger, the signs are all along the path
But still Iím not afraid to walk, Jah children we must be free
Rasta come to conquer and shine the light within the dark
And liberate the childrenís heart, this earth is for you & me

Me tell you now
Jah lift you up, they push you down
Jah crown you king, they want you crown
You ask for bread, they feed you stone
You this world is a dangerzone
You they try to change around,
They want to see us underground
But Rastafari rule the crown
Power, the Might, the Word, the Sound

Hey tell the government the people them they canít take it no more Always got to scheme up they sleeve that end up tricking the poor Employee ask for raise but inna him face the oppressor shut in the door
Any minute judgment might occur


The leaders are deceivers so they leading us to what?
Canít you see society is heading towards a trap
The future is at stake ah so we canít afford to slack
Too much hickory, dickory, dock, me tell dem this
They think they know it all,
They never heed before deh poor manís advice
But thatís the reason why they fall,
They accepted their death & neglected their life
Try to walk before they crawl, slipping & sliding
Heading straight for the knife
If they would answer to Jah call,
Yea they wouldíve sight the light


Well the youthís dem say, they want a betta life
Cause inna Babylon they say that tings it never right
Too much booga bwoy and too much sodomite
The president insane well the governor just a lie
Hey they only here to try to put out your light
Hey they only here to fuss, minus and fight
The youth dem inna the street
Say dem nah tings ah not a nice
Too much manipulation arise




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