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Bambu Station

Break The Soil

Mt. Nebo Records


I Sing Prayses

Dem stealing the riddims of our Ancient Culture,
Distorting our harmonics dem a Cakewalk vulture
Bifurcating the livity of our drums from Ancestor,
Knock knock dem want to come in here,
Knock knock dem want to come into Jah,
So sing prayses onto Jah, strive to live in prayses onto Jah

Deliver & dress me in the presence of my enemies,
Brandish the rock that they can't come between
The righteous man won't fall for their deceit,
Curse dem down to their unborn seed
Because beyond malicious dem man a evil,
Yet the innocent ones can see the reason

So they live with dem, dem smile with dem,
Dem enthralled by dem & they cry for dem
But dem man deh so, dem man a evil,
Open your rice & they're the weeble
Crack open your bread they are the mold & mildew,
Roll up your pants & they're the leech pon you


They come in your face, with an amazing grace,
Such comfort they deploy talk & reason
But the worst of dem looks just like I & I,
But through Jah I'll charge dem with treason
Through Jah I'll convict dem of treason,
Through Jah I'll find their true reason


In this time don't trust their mouths, in this time don't trust their sound
Their vibration is your discerning tool & let their actions be the guide for you




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