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Various Artists

Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


Rafijah - Jah Iz

Oí Ye Father brighten my path, as I walk through the dark valleys of death.
Strengthen my faith so that I may not falter in the presence of sin,
For you surround me with love. Jah!

In everything I do I give faith, cause Jah will provide
And when I feel like I wonít maintain, I take a breathe of life
Cause it balances & mellows me down
Helps me gather thoughts to walk Jah Jah ground
Jah, Jah love is so pure & I know he is earth bound.

Because Jah is the wind blowing, Jah is the water flowing
Jah is the stars glowing, Jah is the trees growing
Jah is the sound when you are talking, Jah is the shadow walking
Jah is the world turning, Jah is the knowledge you are learning

When you feel heavy like steel & life is hard like cement
And indeed you feel like you donít have the will
You set yourself up for self-imprisonment
If you focus on the irrelevant & forget that you are an instrument
And go out trying to experiment, you just might end up in violence
And you may just not be content,
But itís your reward & your punishment
No matter the problem or incident
Just give thanks for life, cause Jah in every element,


If what you see, is what you know
If you believe, only what you are told
If you have to go in a building to save your soul
Why must you pay your money for your sins to go
Is just religious wars they fight for power
When the temple is inside,
Jah liveth & reigneth in the heart of I and I
He canít be sold for a price,
Itís just a brainwash system, set to make you a victim
In a society, that has no love for humanity
So you must not believe, everything that you perceive
Cause theyíll control you, with their plan just to rule & divide,


Do not give up on yourself,
For the Most High forgives & give chances
Donít take the simple tings for granted
For life is a seed that is planted

Repeat 1st verse




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