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Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


Sagenjyah - Judgment

ĎEmini lailaií  (I am forever)

Why call judges judges, if they donít render judgment
Were they not trained in a science & art
Of arriving to correct judgment?

Why then in western society, is the passing of judgment
In the hands of people who are not trained
In the art and science of judgment?

Itís no secret, lawyers decide the outcome of Court cases
Moreso than judges, does this not make the western legal system
A contest of cleverness? Judge ultimately, night & day
Judge or be judged! Like the suns, the moons
And the stars are forever-lasting

Judge history, judge for liberty, judge your destiny
Judge for victory, lift every voice & sing
That the man behind the dream
Is Martin Luther King
Let every bell at ringside ring
That the man behind the scene
Is the undisputed King of Kings
Is it not man, who destroyed ancient Egypt
Are you waiting till all your years are spent
To experience heaven?

Would you miss me if I died?
Have I been here so long with you & yet you donít know I?
Judge ultimately!  Is it not the mammals
That provide milk here on Earth?

Judge ultimately! Is it not the bees cultivation
That makes it possible to reap honey for their fresh birth?

Then why, why wait in blind faith?
If a horse breed for a horse, they bring forward a pony,
That will grow into a horse.
So behold that manner of love that the Creator
Has bestowed upon us, that we should be called
The sons and dawtas of the Most High
Jah! Rastafari! I and I are the Aster of Neter
Is it not written in your law, who you are?
Judge ultimately, night & day!
Judge or be judged, like the suns, the moons & the stars
Are forever-lasting, Judge history!
Judge for liberty, judge your destiny, judge for victory
Lift every voice & sing, that the man behind the dream
Is Martin Luther King, let every bell at ringside ring
That the man behind the scene,
Is the undisputed King of Kings!




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