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Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


Ickarus - Lead The Way

Well it could a miracle Monday, thankful Tuesday,
Wonderful Wednesday, Selassie I lead the way
It could a terrible Thursday, frightening Friday
Sabotage Saturday, Selassie I leads the way (2X)
Yo me sing,
No matter what, no matter who
No matter when no where, Jah is always there
Rastafari him is the ruler everyday of the year
They youth dem gone clear
No matter which part you is
Exalt the King & give the Most High praise
Alpha & Omega him are the ancients of days
He crown the Black Woman the one to liberate the slaves
So run go tell the youths dem inna the ghetto be brave
In these modernize times & computerize age
See say Babylon they have created such a maze
They’ll tricks you & they’ll ticks underground within your grave
The Rastaman, a keep the fire to a blaze
The burning wilder helps you overcome the phase
Cleaner inna your heart it makes you pure inna your ways
So whisper this one, inna the Black Woman ears


So me sing, 7 days of the week
We work fe get a place so we can buy some food fe’ eat
Clothes there pon your back, me tell you shoes de pon your feet
Plus we pay the rent so we can have a place to sleep
Cause things are really crazy, how they inna the streets
Everywhere you turn another obstacle you meet
Trials & tribulation appearing by the heap
It bother up the youths, so now the youths nah skin no teeth
Politician dem a go talk, but talk is too cheap
Make whole heap a promises, but promises no keep
See that dem so honest, but a steal & a cheat
Seed a what dem a gonna sow, the Rastaman nah goin reap,
But tell dem this, the other day, me & me sisdren hold a seat
A serious meditation iration so deep
Ah through the utterance me tell you then is when me see it
Up to the bridle of the horse the blood reach
She tell me say, Ickarus you know how hard it is
To raise & take care a whole yard a kids
With a little bit of money & a lot a bills
My Lord it’s not a good life to live
But then she say, through the blessing that the Father give
Reassure her of the birth right & prerogative
To remove the dreadful wall & build up an upful bridge
Tell the people think positive


So me sing, upon a sunny Sunday
We no want see gunplay, so tell the duppy run way
Can’t lead I astray, so me sing
No mater what dem come say, Jah Jah works I obey
Hey put down the AK, me say violence no play


Repeat 1st Verse




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