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Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


Ras Bumpa - Never Keep I Down

I  I never never no
Well they could never keep I down

From I & I could freely speak & make a sound
Ah say they just cannot keep I down
Me see the Rasta youth dem keep on trodding
Ah say they never could ah keep I down
Hya, hya, hya, hya keep the fire blazing

They just cannot keep I down
Me see Binghi youth dem keep on trodding
Ah say they just could ah keep I down
Say no matter what they try,
We keep on hailing the King, now listen

Well Blackness is what the Rastaman a check for
And progress is what I come to make a step for
Seek knowledge me beg you feed your intellect Yah
Just know this that Afrika is rich with culture
Well slackness will make you crash up & go wreck Yah
Mek sure you practice what you preach up inna you lectures
Can hold this with your concept of peace no longer
Say my people getting stronger


So wah dem ah grab on pon
Well Babylon leggo me hand
Well me say, no not today not this strong Rastaman
Wah dem ah grab on pon
Say not the black Afrikan
Who they manipulate & slave on dem plantation
Who dem ah grab on pon
Not my precious black woman
The mother for the earth & this Yah generation
Me say youth secure your future get some education
Me say teach me ghetto youths dem about liberation
O yes ah tribal war mash up me little island
’Ghettos’ clash ‘Round de Field’
And ‘Round de Field’ with Savan
Me say youth from the East, dem never like no West man
Me say youth from St. Croix, no big up youth from St. John
Me beg unnu cut this out, this senseless separation
Full time we take ah stand now inna de Virgin Islands
Done deh war & violence what we create pon de land
And let us end all the sufferation


So my people arise, open your eyes
In this Yah time just be wise, I say
Abandon your fear & be no more victimized
Live upright, for life is so nice
I beg unnu shout & rejoice
And for material gain me beg you don't compromise  


1st Verse




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