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Bambu Station

Break The Soil

Mt. Nebo Records


Sense Enemy

In this one life that we have to live, let us share all tings temporal & spiritual
But let it be known, the wicked exists, just as God, reality. Selah...

I see dem passing up & down me street,
Here this badman imply my identity
Then me heard me bredren say, dream me in sleep,
No time to satta ya'll this ting is deep

Said me sense, sense, sense , sense, sense, sense, sense enemy
Said me sense, sense, sense , sense, sense, sense, sense enemy
Said me sense, sense, sense , sense, sense, sense, sense enemy
See dem all, see dem all

They exist ya'll, check it close...

Little tings dem say, little moves dem make,
Is the 'minder of what is true
Boundaries nah set, but the wicked man nah check,
Your upful ways & your meaning too
So in this heat here now, the righteous one can't bow,
Discern full wisdom in what to do
Read your Proverb I say, or go check Ras Eldah there,
Or at the minimum consult Sun Tzu

All tings bring understanding, but if at all possible, look to the wise for wisdom
And know, these tings are nothing new, accessible to all in the God-spirit

So check it youthman...


I hear dem talkin' beneath dem breath,
ords just like actions speak, life to death
So in this valley yo, no burst no sweat,
Trust  your counsel only with, righteous men
Let their words be, so far from the truth, let dem skin their teeth,
As the community moves
Cause Jah provideth ya'll, & the wicked can't bind it nah,
Spend your money where they respect all you

I see dem on every corner, with their face skin up when you walk in their store
They own every gas station there-bout, look how they treat you, look how they act to you

Is real tings man, check...


Repeat 3rd verse

Spend your money, where they respect you, where they feed you & provide you a clean place
Healthy food, filled with life, places like U.C.A, Soul Vegetarian, Everlasting Life

Mt. Nebo Records & the one dem bringing forth the positive music 'cross the planet

Support these tings that support you, they breathe life into all of us
Chant down the wicked! Chant down the foolishness! We exist, to exist.





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