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Various Artists

Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


Ras Bumpa - Taste Of Consciousness

Open unnu ears open unnu ears, listen & hear
Get a taste of consciousness
Raise up your hands from u know say u bless
Listen for the righteousness  (2x)

Ah some sweet reggae music we need
We need deh reggae music like how baby want feed yo
We no got no limit reggae music set speed
Well #1 deh pon meh charts reggae music gone ah lead yo
Bring good vibes & release your tension
Mind what you say, respect the little children
Do what u doing cause u are u own man
But Ras Bumpa deh ask 4 a little discretion
When u chat pon the mic & everything is alright
Hug you empress because ah session 2 nite
We donít want no gun, me beg u leave home the knife
Just come & enjoy yourself with Bambķ Station tonite


Give we culture more roots & reality
Pump deh reggae music mek me feel irie
Me forward inna the dance & then me lite me sensi
Jah know me bubble an me skank lord me cool & deadly
Say some things that I know ah reggae music teach me
It keep me up on world events an just a little history
Me respect all artist me respect dem fully
From Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer man like Bob Marley
Say dem spread it worldwide internationally
From the black to the white & even to the Chinese
Everybody gather round but no come follow me
For only one lead the way & that ah King Selassie

R U Irie, the reggae music make u lively (4x)


Big up yourself big up unnu status
Nuttiní for dem this yah music meant for us
Me a beg unnu just come live conscious
From u know that u are aware lord u know that itís a plus
Who shine the sun & me say who send the rain
And when my music hit u lord u feel no pain
Donít let these words that I say go in vain
ĎCause we made easy yes itís simple & plain




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