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Various Artists

Chant Of The Lions

Mt. Nebo Records


Kimbe Don - Time Is Up

DONE! Dem done! Babylon you done, your done
Dem gone down, your done, Babylon your gone down
Yea man its been a while, been raining, yea
Corrupting the seeds of the earth you know
But its full-time now, all your wickedness shall come back round
Because the world is round you know, so check it

Baby-wrong your guilty
And right now you in a whole heap a trouble cause
Your time is up now, your time is up now!
Your system is a fraud, your dates & your records
Are designed to throw me off,
Your time is up now, your time is up now!

Inna one hour say your city a go fall
Like New Yearís Eve, Times Square we drop the ball
Babylon you canít escape this at Ďall
You a go stumble & fall like Jericho wall
In the pyramids it is writing in the halls
And me African nation, filled with your scars
From your biological & chemical wars
So you have feí feel the judgment right now because


No me nah wait, me nah hesitate
Come to deal with the case now
Me nah goin wait until later
Come to tear dem like paper
Make dem like water vapor
You goin down just like the elevator
Jah is the Creator, there is none greater
So hail King Alpha & Queen Omega
Hypocrites & traitors, haters & fakers
One day will all have to meet their Maker
Meet their Maker, yea, you done know one day
Theyíll all have to fall you know


You go thru one door & the next one is a trap
But itís so clear to see itís like connecting the dots
Regardless of how they try to cover up their tracks
The truth will always surface back to the top
Hey, so dem try brainwash your mind
And try stray me from the facts
While they manifest their schemes & their plots
While you caught up, with the cause & the cash
Or just, sitting at home watching stories or Cops
The beast is getting hungry & is ready to attack
To devour up your soul like a late night snack
So awake, no time to nap causeÖ  


Dem done! Babylon you done! Your done!
Babylon your done, your gone down!
Babylon done, you gone down!
You done know say its Kimbe Don Star Lion Family
Come to burn Babylon dem down to ash
We no skin with it, no time never
We ainít playing, Iím telling you straight up
Listen, the Family is here!  




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