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Midnite Brought it to Boulder

Midnite - Boulder Theater, Colorado
March 5, 2010


On Friday March 5th, 2010 Midnite took the stage at the Boulder Theatre in Colorado at 11:30PM. Prior to that Jus Goodie a reggae group from this mountain region did a irie job of warming up the crowd with superb vocals on all original songs with great bass lines, and guitar work on all songs. During this Colorado portion of the tour I was fortunate enough to attend three of the shows, the Denver show at the Bluebird Theatre, Boulder Theater and thirtytwentysouth in Breckenridge. All shows where well received but, hands down the Boulder Show raised the bar of what Midnite is capable of, they brought the 100% St. Croix roots reggae message to Boulder and delivered with respect.

If you are not familiar with Midnite, the band currently consists of Vaughn Benjamin (words & vocals), Ron Benjamin (bass & vocals), Sly Molina-Curet (drums), Edmund Fieulleteau (rhythm guitar), Edwin (Kenny) Byron (guitar), and Ras L. (keyboards). The Benjamin brothers are the heart and soul of Midnite with their current line up of handpicked musicians of similar mind. Midnite as a band and Vaughn Benjamin as “the” Rastafarian roots soul messenger are at the top of their game with Vaughn having over forty CD’s to the Midnite name. For Midnite it is about delivering the true unadulterated Rastafarian roots musical message. Midnite’s music is raw, yet refined to the simple elements that make reggae roots music the power of…….. words, and sound. Vaughn is in my opinion the most talented free forming deliverer of this message and can mesmerize those roots fans that are willing to accept Midnite’s music.

For the Boulder show their songs where the starting point for Midnite to craft them into a fifteen plus minute vibe that can drench the crowd in the moment of the music. My attempt at the set list as follows: 1-Foolish and Wise (Ras Mek Peace) 2-Rasta Man Still Stand (Ras Mek Peace) 3-Speak the Word (???) 4-Emotions (What makes a King?) 5-Listen (Rule the Time) 6-Breathing Scrolls (Ainshant Maps) 7-Warrior (??) 8-Jah Bless Her (What makes a King?) 8-When She Loves (??) 9-Proceed (??)10-I Chant (Kayamagan) 11-Is Real (Rule the Time) 12- Closing Chant (Ron on Keyboard)

They preformed a mix of some of their first recorded songs to two of their newest songs from the freshly released CD “What makes at King?” weaving them all together for the righteous one drop roots reggae that kept the Boulder-ites vibing to the music for three solid hours. Midnite performed the song “Emotion” to a level that cannot be captured on the cd, with Vaughn’s vocals taking it to a harmonic place that only he can deliver live in person with the band grooving at a force to reckon with. “Jah Bless Her” also from “What makes a King?” CD was another crowd favorite with its soothing sound, lyrics and additional harmonizing from Ron Benjamin, bringing Midnite to its 2010 sound. This show, had the perfect Midnite sound mix, and much respect goes to the sound crew that mixed in dub reverbs, echoes taking the music even higher, with lights effects to back it up.

When the raw dose of bass thumping roots rattling your soul ended with “Is Real”, Ron and Vaughn delivered one more chant with Ron on keyboards and Vaughn on vocals and the lights dimmed, the power of Vaughn and these two brothers stood true………. to the roots music and the message.

Midnite fans and newly transformed fans …….. accepted this message that Midnite brought and delivered to Boulder.

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