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Midnite Fans Pack The Key Club

September 30, 2011
Key Club, Los Angeles
By: Ranking Kirk


Friday September 30th, 2011, Midnite took the stage after Sono Vero played a high energy set. Second time I have seen Sono Vero live a month, they are composed of 8 talented musicians, all of which are still in high school. An obviously young band has been making loud noise on the Southern California in the music scene with conscience lyrics, big band sound and a tight roots vibe.

Midnite took the stage at 11:05 PM with the bass set on high and a packed house. Midnite hailing for St. Croix Virgin Islands consists of Vaughn Benjamin (words & vocals), his brother Ron Benjamin (bass & vocals), Christian Molina (drums), Edmund Fieulleteau (rhythm guitar), Edwin (Kenny) Byron (guitar), and Ras L. (keyboards). Midnite produces a sinister reggae roots vibe with Vaughn Benjamin as the shaman delivering the lyrics to guide listeners through their journey.
With over forty CDís to the Midnite name, and another to be released on November 1st, 2011 Kings Bell Midnite can be counted on to deliver a quality show and more.

The players of Midnite took the stage to start the vibe for before Vaughn takes the stage to a massive applause, cheers, prayers and more.
My best attempt to name the songs played include: 1-No Rest for the Weary (??) 2-Jah Ovah (Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance) 3-Ras to the Bone (Jubilees of Zion) 4-Pagan, Pay Gone (Ras Mek Peace) 5-Proceed (Live 94117) 6-Shine (What Makes a King) ) mashed up with Good Thoughts (Rule the Time)7-True King (Ainshant Maps) 8-Mediation (Unpolished) 9-Merciless (??) 10-Stagnation (What Makes a King) 11-Bushman (Unpolished) 12-Black Congo (Nemozian Rasta) with lyrics free styled from many songs 13-Due Reward (Unpolished). With the bass set on heart stop thumping Midnite crafts these songs into a fifteen plus minute vibe that takes the crowd to a good place.

This would be the first Midnite show that I have experienced that the Vaughn and the band really had to take a step back between songs to decipher and take in all of the requests barraging them from the adoring fans. The fans where pumped and keep it coming between songs with very vocal requests. In fact there are some YouTube videos posted from the show that you can hear the crowds fevered pitch at the end of the song with their requests.

Midnite delivered to the Key Club three solid hours of soul pounding roots reggae, until the Key Club had to turn on the club lights and ask them to stop. Those Midnite fans left standing earned their message and wanted moreÖ.. 

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Rankingkirk is a Journalist, musician, and music researcher. Writing about  the music industry since the 80ís with articles and reviews published from the English Beat to the Rolling Stones. Rankingkirk is a follower of the Midnite roots message from over 30 live performances.

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