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Midnite Gets Intimate

Sunday October 2nd, 2011
Mozambique – Laguna Beach, CA
By: Ranking Kirk


On Sunday October 2nd, 2011 Midnite took the stage at the Mozambique Steakhouse Restaurant in Laguna Beach at 8:00PM after two sets from a local steel drum artist. 8:00PM is surprisingly early for a band called Midnite, considering I have yet to see them take the stage before 10:00PM in the over 30 times I have witnessed them live. “Intimate evening with Midnite” does mean a tiny club with a tiny stage, a large crowd and a large sound. Midnite took the stage looking fresher than expected and they brought their 100% St. Croix roots reggae message to Mozambique and delivered it with much respect.

If you are not familiar with Midnite, the band consists of Vaughn Benjamin (words & vocals), Ron Benjamin (bass & vocals), Sly Molina-Curet (drums), Edmund Fieulleteau (rhythm guitar), Edwin (Kenny) Byron (guitar), and Ras L. (keyboards). The Benjamin brothers are the heart and soul of Midnite, with Ron’s production and booming bass lines, and Vaughn’s song writing that packs each track full of lyric’s like no other. Through the power of…….. words, sound and music Vaughn has over forty CD’s to the Midnite name.

With the fans packed to the stage for this intimate evening Vaughn took that stage looking regal in a fresh green fatigue jacket with embroidered Stars of David, and a hand painted back panel of Haile Selassie. The best attempt for a set list is the starting point for Midnite to craft each song into a fifteen plus minute vibe drenching the crowd in the moment of the music. Set list: 1-High Places of Anu (What makes a King) 2-His Majesty (Rule the time) 3-Freedom Come (Not on a CD) 4-Jubilees of Zion (Jubilees of Zion) 5-Old Robe (Assini) 6-White Collar Criminal (Jubilee of Zion) 7-Bushman (Unpolished) 8-Love the Life You Live (Unpolished) 9-I Chant (Kayamagan) 10-Due Reward (Unpolished)

They only had two hours to perform, and they were laid back, smiling and fresh for this early performance. On Bushman, Vaughn added in lyrics that have yet to be heard as part of this song, for a one time almost humorous performance, keeping the crowd listening close and on the one drop beat. Every Midnite performance is different,……………. a different journey.

Midnite fans and newly transformed fans …….. accepted this message that Midnite brought and delivered to the Mozambique on this Intimate evening.

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Rankingkirk is a Journalist, musician, and music researcher. Writing about  the music industry since the 80’s with articles and reviews published from the English Beat to the Rolling Stones. Rankingkirk is a follower of the Midnite roots message from over 30 live performances.

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