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Midnite Brings Black Mamba
to The Observatory

Sunday April 15th, 2012
The Observatory ~ Santa Ana, CA
By: Ranking Kirk


Sunday April 15th, 2012 Midnite performed at The Observatory formerly named The Galaxy, which has under gone a number of changes to improve the look, feel and sound of the club.

The Observatory stage and sound system where dialed in for the show, with some great lighting and some of the loudest bass heard at any recent Midnite show that I have attended.. The stage area and dance floor shook with the one drop bass lines dropped. During the short sound check prior to starting…..through the first song of the show Ron looked surprised to hear his bass pounding the crowd, brilliantly with out the need to turn it up “for Once”. Compared the Sainte Rocke show I attended three days prior this was a truly energized version of Midnite that delivered loud, and ranking versions of their songs. Vaughn took his vocals to his highest power demonstrating his range from singing, chanting, harmonizing, to the true artistry of his verse magnified by his full vocal range. From Kings Bell, he delivered “Black Mamba” to a great crowd reception. “Ring Out A Chant” was styled into a long verse of “love is going to win this one” that vibed on blissfully into the night. The mix delivered by the sound crew, kept Vaughn on his toes, with reverb, echo….. the sound was masterfully dub styled to another level song by song. At times Vaughn had to smile when he heard his verse transformed into a reverb floating onto the ranking wall of sound, his give and take with the sound crew and Ron’s screams also mixed in took the mix to new level.

Midnite, the band consists of Vaughn Benjamin (words & vocals), Ron Benjamin (bass & vocals), Christian Molina (drums), Edmund Fieulleteau (rhythm guitar), Edwin (Kenny) Byron (guitar), and Ras L. (keyboards). The Benjamin brothers are the heart and soul of Midnite with their current line up of handpicked musicians of similar mind. Midnite as a band and Vaughn Benjamin as the vocalist and “the” Rastafarian roots soul messenger, song writer, and lyricist.

My attempt to name the songs played include: 1-His Majesty (Rule the time) 2-Don't Move (Lion's Dread) 3-Mighty Race (Jubilees of Zion) 4-Ainshant Maps (Ainshant Maps) 5-Proceed (Live 94117) 6-Batter Ram Sound (Jubilees of Zion) 7-Black Mamba (Kings Bells) 8-Lion Wears a Crown (Ras Mek Peace) 9-Mediation (Unpolished) 10-Ring Out A Chant (Jubilees of Zion) 11-Propaganda (Unpolished). Each song styled into a fifteen plus minute vibe, with Vaughn free styling within each song.

Midnite delivered to unfortunately small Sunday night crowd at The Observatory two hours and twenty minutes of roots on roots, a raw dose of bass thumping, with masterfully mixed side of reverb, which resulted in full session of soul rattling. A stellar Midnite performance. The dedicated crowd still wanted more…….when the night ended.

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Rankingkirk is a Journalist, musician, and music researcher. Writing about the music industry since the 80’s with articles and reviews published from the English Beat to the Rolling Stones. Rankingkirk is a follower of the Midnite Roots message from over 30 live performances.

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