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Name: Jason Williams
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There's a fresh new sound emerging from the Virgin Islands.  Hailing from St. Thomas-born Revalation da Royal is mashing up the Caribbean with music.

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The Music

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Revalation worked with Miami-based Studio 340 featuring Dean Pond and Eno Stafford.  The fruits of these sessions are contained on his 2008 debut release Serious Matters which features some crucial rhythms and powerful lyrics and delivery. 




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It is said that when melodies and words flow from his mouth, it reaches beyond the ear to touch the heart and soul of his listeners, transcending them to higher heights. Revalation, born Jason Williams turned to music as a natural extension of his life. His harmonious vocals and unique style combined with thought provoking messages is a recipe to captivate listeners of all backgrounds.

Hailing from the island of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Revalation, started singing around the age of 6, holding lead soloist spots in grade school, middle school, high school and in various church choirs he performed in before moving to Tortola, British Virgin Islands, where his family migrated when he was around the age of 13. Revalation moved to south Florida around age 15 and started writing songs. He then moved back to Tortola and polished his skills performing on stage shows before moving back to south Florida where he was introduced by fellow artist Pressure to Dean Pond and Eno Stafford of Studio 340 and started recording.

Inspired by the teachings of Rastafari, Revalation in an unapologetic manner speaks out against the issues that plague us on a personal, political and socio-economical scale, chanting out against injustices and challenging the system with his inspiring lyrical perspective. Seeing how music can inspire the lives of today’s youth and make a difference in these times, Revalation has made it his desire to spread the message of righteousness. As he puts it, “…righteousness we use to quench the whole world’s appetite...”

Revalation has opened for numerous performers such as Capleton, Beenie Man, Barrington Levi, Tony Rebel, Junior Kelly’, Elephant Man, Luciano, ‘Norris Man, Bushman and Noriega in shows around the US and Caribbean. His strong stage presence and stellar performances has been talked about with high regard.

Since recording massive hit songs like “Self Esteem” and “You Are Someone”, Revalation has been rapidly gaining popularity, topping his hometown reggae charts and creating a buzz of anticipation for his upcoming debut album, Serious Matters scheduled for release in Spring of 2008.

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Revalation - Club 54, Christiansted, STX - January 5, 2007

Revalation - WRIP II - Cramer's Park, STX - January 7, 2007

Album Reviews
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Serious Matters

United Reggae:
Here is Serious Matters, the debut album from Revalation, hailing from Virgin Islands. The young singer, native from St Thomas presents a fresh piece from roots to hip hop vibrancies produced by South Florida based duo, Dean Pond and Eno Stafford of Studio 340 who produced Pressure's first album The Pressure Is On. The result of this collaboration is a 15 track-album including Revalation biggest hit ‘You are Someone’ and two combinations with Nyorah on ‘Petty Theif’ and Pressure on ‘Real Revolutionary’. - More

VI Roots:
Much like Pressure's debut album (The Pressure is On), "Serious Matters" is a classic that will introduce the world to a bright talent who will be blazing the international reggae movement for years to come. Revalation - hailing from St. Thomas, VI - has a captivating and unique voice and excellent songwriting that is beautifully showcased on this 15-track album. There are two big combination tunes with fellow Rock City reggae heavyweights - Pressure and Niyorah. The production is outstanding with a wide range of rootsy one-drop and hip-hop influenced bangin riddims. Serious Matters is a must have album.

Achi's Reggae Blog:
Sabbattical Ahdah may very well be the quintessential underground artist and, although there have been a few efforts to up his status (I’m about to talk about the largest one of those in a moment), he almost seems to actually LIKE being able to get his message out there strictly for those who are meant to hear it, even if they may not be such a very large group. His style is also one which is kind of ‘normal’, but not really. He pretty much just starts FLOWING as soon as the riddim drops. - More

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