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Army - Struggler

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Struggler is a good sophomore effort from Army and the first album released by DubRise Records.  The 14 tracks on this CD cover a wide range of musical styles, and hold something in store for all listeners.

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Army - Struggler

Track List:

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More Dem Talk (feat. Shaka Black)

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Don't Try Deceive Me

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Ghetto Life

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Fire City

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Best Of You

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Good Love

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Love And Righteousness

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Jah Teaching

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Musicians & Credits

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All songs written by F. Williams except More Dem Talk co-written by Shaka Black
Batch: Musical composition and arrangements of all songs except:
Dean Pond: Musical composition and arrangements on More Dem Talk, Reason, Don't Try Deceive Me and Jah Teachings
F. Williams: Musical composition and arrangements on Butterfly
G. Laroque: Chord Concepts on The Best Of You
Ron Benjamin: Guitars on Butterfly
W. Massicott: Guitars on Don't Try Deceive Me
Background Vocals: F. WIlliams, E. Allen, G. Laroque, Batch & Ron Benjamin

All songs mixed by Dean Pond except:
Butterfly mixed by Ron Benjamin
Love And Righteousness mixed by Batch
Mastered by Disc Makers
Executive Producer: Abdul Williams for DubRise Records, Inc.
Photography: Melissa Charles
Graphics Concept: Abdul Williams
Graphics designed by Abijah Todman

Album Reviews

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The string of excellent roots music being released from St. Croix continues with the emergence of Army’s newest album "Struggler". Produced by Abdul Williams and released on the DubRise Records label, ‘Struggler’ contains 14 crucial selections of consciousness sung over the bubbly one-drop riddims that are so prevalent in ‘Cruzian’ music.

The album opens with "More Dem Talk’n", a combination with Shaka Black, followed by my favorite selection "Overtime", which had previously been released as a 7" single. Other stand-out selections include "Paradise", "Ghetto Life", "Love and Righteousness" and the title track. Most of the mixing of "Struggler" was done by Dean Pond, with Batch and Ron Benjamin each contributing on one of the selections.

The voice of Army first surfaced several years ago on the vital (though difficult to obtain) compilation ‘Eastbound’. The following year saw the release of Army’s debut album "Yesterday’s News", which was recently remastered and re-released by DubRise Records. He also contributed numerous songs to "Homegrown" release by Glamorous Records in 2000.

In the early 70’s, Jamaica was budding with an incredible amount of untapped musical and vocal talents. That same level of energy, enthusiasm and potential is present today in the Virgin Island of St. Croix. To date, the global community has primarily been exposed to this fiery caldron through the roots music of ‘Midnite’.   But there is a slew of talented conscious singers and players of instruments from STX that are worthy of international recognition, and Army is certainly one such artist.  And Army’s talents will be on full display at the 23rd annual Bob Marley Day Celebration taking place in San Diego on February 16, 2004.

Daniel (RAW#495)

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