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St. Croix Unification Vibration Reggae Band Festival

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Date: December 24, 2005
Location: Island Center for Performing Arts - St. Croix
Artists: Zioniers featuring Batch & Ras Attitude; Gravity featuring Ankh Watep, The Great Abu & I-Locks; Red I featuring NiyoRah, Ancient King and Abja; Bambu Station with Lady Passion and Iba; Aftershok featuring Mada Nile, Katalyss and Mr. Adlai; D.A.P.P. featuring Jr. P; Jahcob Seed and Reggae Bubblers

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(Washington, D.C.) December 16, 2005, SOUND V.I.ZION RECORDS, in association with Musicians United, presents the St. Croix Unification Vibration Reggae Band Festival at the Island Center for Performing Arts on December 24, 2005.  The impressive lineup of artists and bands includes the legendary ZIONIERS featuring Batch & Ras Attitude (SOUND V.I.ZION RECORDS); GRAVITY featuring Ankh Watep, The Great Abu, and I-Locks; RED-I featuring Niyorah, Ancient King, and Abja (I-Grade Records;) BAMBU STATION with Lady Passion and Iba (Mt. Nebo Records;) AFTERSHOK featuring Mada Nile, Katalyss, and Mr. Adlai on saxophone; D.A.P.P featuring Jr. P; JACOBSEED; and REGGAE BUBBLERS. 

The 2005 St. Croix Unification Vibration Reggae Band Festival marks the fifth year that SOUND V.I.ZION RECORDS and Musicians United have promoted a Unity-based reggae showcase.  This year, however,  their concept of developing a family-oriented festival has come to fruition.  According to Batch, of  SOUND V.I.ZION RECORDS,  this is an opportunity for a cross-section of veteran musicians to come forth in the strength of unity to showcase themselves and their talent.  With an all-day event, we are finally able to offer the families in our community an opportunity to consciously come together, both physically and mentally.  With the family unit in mind, the festival begins at 12 noon and will include various youth-based activities in addition to the live performances. 

This will not be the first time that artists from Mt. Nebo Records and SOUND V.I.ZION RECORDS have shared the stage.  In June 2005, V.I. artists Army, Bambu Station (Nebo,) Iba (Nebo,) Pressure, Batch & Ras Attitude (SOUND V.I.ZION,) and the Zioniers band overwhelmed and rocked the overflow crowd at the 12th Annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Angels Camp, CA.  West Coast Promoter, Mike Kelly, asserted that "with the exception of the Abyssinians, The V.I. Crew was the saving grace for Cultural Roots at this festival."  The highlight of the event was when all the V.I. artists returned to the stage during Bamb Stations final song to sing their lyrics on a Bambu rhythm.  They delivered an impressive finale in a powerful show of unity, and in the words of a festival attendee, "Bambu's closing set was one for the history books and when they pulled everyone back up on stage for the encore, well, I'm just speechless."  St. Croix is in for a righteous, world-class unified treat on December 24th, so come out to show your love and support!

Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door and are available at Thomas Bakery (Sunny Isles,) Sion Farm Gas Station, Perfumes-n-Paradise (Wattapana Mall,) Hilltop Sounds, Negus Restaurant (Fsted,) and Pancho.  A portion of the proceeds from the festival will benefit the restoration of U.C.A. M20  Blaze Redemption Center.  Festival supporters and sponsors include Thomas Bakery, La Reine Laundry, and the Sion Farm Gas Station.

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