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Washington D.C. Annual Reggae Music Awards
Honors Tuff Lion and Ijah Menelik


(Washington, D.C.) - On Thursday, March 4th, the 9th Washington D.C. Annual Reggae Music Awards honored veteran guitarist and artist Tuff Lion with the "Best Male Vocalist" Award for his song "Good Works," which appeared on Bambu Station's Talkin' Roots II" compilation (Mt. Nebo Records.)  Montseratt's native son Ijah Menelik was also honored for "Best Songwriter" and "Best Recording" for his efforts on his debut album, "Utopia," and his popular single, "Baggawire," which also appears on Bambu Station's Talkin' Roots II" (Mt. Nebo Records) compilation.

Tuff Lion's much acclaimed guitar licks appears on almost every popular reggae album that has been released from the Virgin Islands to date. He first appeared on Army's "Yesterday's News" (Glamorous) and recently produced Army's newest album "Rasta Awake (IGrade.)"  His melodies and hard-edged rhythm style can also be heard prolifically on Midnite's classic album, "Ras Mek Peace" (Mapleshade,) Dezarie's debut album, "Fya" (IGrade,) Bambu Station's phenomenal "One Day" (Mt. Nebo Records), the timeless  "Talkin' Roots - Volume I" (Mt. Nebo Records) compilation and countless other outstanding works. Tuff Lion has also recorded substantially for Apple Gabriel, formerly of Israel Vibration, on his solo debut "Another Moses" (RAS) and will be featured on Junior Marvin's forthcoming album.

In the late 80's, Tuff Lion fronted the Bottom Lion Band which toured the continental U.S., becoming one of America's foremost reggae bands. During that time he released two noteworthy albums; "Sufferin' Strugglin'' and "I Am Reggae."  He has selflessly produced countless artists to date through his operation, The Outpost Studio in Hampton, Va. His soaring vocals, angelic harmonies and cataclysmic guitar licks will be heard on his next solo project entitled "Utterance," which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2006. Promotional singles are being distributed to radio and can be requested at Tuff Lion is currently on Tour in support of the IGrade Family Tour with Army, Abja and Niyo Rah and is sure to be featured on several top releases this year.

Ijah Menelik was honored with "Best Songwriter" and "Best Reggae Recording" by the DCARMA and closed out the evenings performances with the audience on their feet.  In the fall of 2005, Ijah Menelik also co-headlined the "Talkin' Roots Tour 2005" and amazed audiences in Mexico, at the Dreadstock Festival and throughout the U.S. West Coast area where the Tour concluded.  One of his live performances was recently released on the  "Talkin' Roots Tour 2005 - Live In San Francisco" album
(Mt. Nebo Records).  Ijah self-produced and released his debut album "Utopia" in 2005 on his Shashamane Militant Youth record label ( and is currently working on his sophomore album "I-Testament" with Bambu Station.

Both Tuff Lion and Ijah Menelik are available for interviews upon request and their latest projects can be found at



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