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Star Lion Family
From The Heart
Black Juice Records
Star Lion Family - From The Heart

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From The Heart is the debut album of Star Lion Family.  The seven young singers that constitute the Star Trail Family are insightful and dynamic bredren with unlimited potential. 

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Star Lion Family - From The Heart

Track List:

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His Foundation

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Zion Way

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Who You Know

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As The Hour Pass

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Give Thanks

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No Guns Out

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No Time To Waist

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Come Out Of Her

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African Queen

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Its Personal

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Family Love

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Black Beauty

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If I Show You Love

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I Cry

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Musicians & Credits

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His Foundation written by Pressure
Zion Way written by Pressure
As The Hour Pass written by Rafijah
No Guns Out written by Kimbe

Come Out Of Her written by Jahgon
Revolutionist written by Niyorah
Its Personal written by Siras
Black Beauty written by Ickarus
Arise written by Jahgon
Who You Know written by Ickarus
Give Thanks written by Kimbe
No Time To Waist written by Siras
Boogieman written by Pressure
African Queen written by Rafijah
Family Love written by Niyorah
If I Show You Love written by Niyorah
I Cry written by Star Lion Family

All songs published by Brand New Journey Publishing Co.

Executive Producer: D "Juice" Moore
Producer: D "Pressure" Brown
Label: Blackjuice Records
Company: Moore Entertainment Inc.
Recorded by Juice at Blackjuice Recording Studios

Mixed by Juice & Biggs at Blackjuice Post Production Studios
Mastered by Juice at Blackjuice Mastering Studios, U.S.V.I.

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First and foremost we would like to give thanks to His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I for giving life, health, strength and for bringing us together to fulfil this work as a family.  We would also like to give infinite thanks to our parents for all the love, support, discipline and inspiration.  Special thanks to Black Juice Records and our Management Staff for making this project possible.  Bless up to all the people throughout the communities in the Virgin Islands.  Respect to all promoters and artists who gave us that extra push in this righteous journey.  Guidance and Protection For Iver.

Star Lion Family Fans

P.O. Box 8057
St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.  00801

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