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Various Artists
Talkin' Roots Vol. II
Mt. Nebo Records
Various Artists - Talkin' Roots Vol. II

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Bambu Station has done it again!  Talkin' Roots Vol. II is the follow-up album to one of the best compilation albums of all times.   And this new CD does not disappoint, with 13 selections from various artists including Ankh Watep, Tuff Lion, Lady Passion and several Star Lion Family members.  

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Track List:

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Tuff Lion - Good Works

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Army - I Don't Know

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Ijah Menelik - Baggawire

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Bashan - Be With Me

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Star Lion Family - Hold The Faith

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Ras Bumpa - Do Good

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Lady Passion - Never Change My Mind

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Ibednego - Battle Goes On

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Jahman - Trod On

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Anhk Watep - Visionary Tools

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Danny I - Dem No Tired

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Black Culture - Haile I Selassie I

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Pressure - My Powaz

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Musicians & Credits

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01. Good Works - Tuff Lion (R. Williams) - Drums & Backing Vocals: Andy Llanos; Keys, Guitar, Bass & Vocals – Tuff Lion
02. Baggawire - Ijah Menelik (S. Cassell) - Drums & Percussion: Andy Llanos; Bass: Warren Pedersen II; Keys & Guitar: Jalani Horton; Vocals: Ijah Menelik
03. Hold The Faith - Star Lion Family - Drums: “Moses” Urgent; Bass & Percussion: Andy Llanos; Guitar: Jalani Horton; Keys & Percussion: Warren Pedersen II; Vocals: Star Lion Family - Rafijah, Siras, Jahgon, Ickarus, Niyo-Rah, Pressure & Kimbe
04. Never Change My Mind - Lady Passion (M. Sackey) - Drums: ‘Binghi’ Cowell; Bass: Andy Llanos; Keys & Guitar: Jalani Horton; Vocals – Lady Passion
05. Trod On - Jahman (J. Carrington) - Drums: Leslie James; Bass & Percussion: Andy Llanos; Keys: Jalani Horton; Vocals: Jahman
06. Dem No Tired - Danny I (D. Gomez) - Drums: Steve Davis; Bass: Tuff Lion; Synth: Warren Pedersen, II; Keys, Guitar & Backing Vocals: Jalani Horton; Lead & Backing Vocals: Danny I
07. My Powaz - Pressure (D. Brown) - Drums: Andy Llanos; Bass & Piano: Jalani Horton; Organ & Riddim Guitar: Tuff Lion; Lead Guitar: Paul Crimi; Percussion: Warren Pedersen, II; Vocals: Pressure
08. I Don't Know - Army (M. Williams) - Drums: Andy Llanos; Bass, Organ & Guitar: Tuff Lion; Vocals: Army
09. Be With Me - Bashan (D. Garcia) - Drums & Percussion: Andy Llanos; Bass & Guitar: Tuff Lion; Keys: Jalani Horton; Vocals: Bashan
10. Do Good - Ras Bumpa (L. Grant) - Drums: Andy Llanos; Bass: Kenyatta Itola; Guitar: Tippy Alfred; Keys & Backing Vocals: Jalani Horton; Synth: Warren Pedersen, II; Lead & Backing Vocals: Ras Bumpa
11. Battle Goes On - Ibednego (G. Armstrong) - Drums & Backing Vocals: Andy Llanos; Bass & Backing Vocals: Tuff Lion; Keys: Warren Pedersen, II; Synth: Ronald James; Guitar: Jalani Horton; Lead & Backing Vocals: Ibednego
12. Visionary Tools - Anhk Watep (W. Andreas) - Drums & Bass: Andy Llanos; Guitar & Keys: Tuff Lion; Piano: Warren Pedersen, II; Backing Vocals: Jalani Horton; Organ, Lead & Backing Vocals: Anhk
13. Haile I Selassie I - Black Culture (T. Bond) - Drums: Leslie James; Bass: Andy Llanos; Guitar, Percussion & Backing Vocals: Tuff Lion; Keys: Casey Walker; Lead & Backing Vocals: Black Culture

Executive Producer: Bambú Station
Recorded & Mixed by Jalani Horton
Mastered by Don de Castro
Recorded & Mixed at Bambú Station Studio, V.I.
Mastered @ Highro Studio, Temple Hills, MD
Artwork, Graphics Design and Layout by Mark "Feijao" Milligan II

Produced by Jalani Horton & Andre "Andy" Llanos
Music published by Anjatuff & Pix Music 2005 (ASCAP)

Praises onto Jah in whose spirit we strive to live each day; in every breath, in every word, in every note, in every song, in every release.  Blessed thanks to the heartical and life-touching fans all over the world who help to sustain us and make our mission crystal clear.  Blessed love and appreciation to our families and friends, our love ones who support us to the ground.  We appreciate and cherish you, God's people.   This album owes much to the kindness of Mr. Ciprianni Phillip, Jr., Mr. Steve Davis, Ms. Jennifer Jarvis, Ms. Christalia Rogers & Mr. Myron Corbett.  God bless You.
- Bambú Station

Liner Notes

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Talkin' Roots is a volume of work created by the multi-talented and beloved Virgin Islands reggae band, Bambú Station. It was created to showcase the tremendous talent of reggae artists from the Virgin Islands, and to bring attention to their community's commitment and fervor to bear the torch of consciousness in reggae music. Bambú Station also set out to offer reggae lovers the spirit and live energy that only reggae affords; a mysticism, ambience and realness that is reggae's contribution to the world of music.

True to this mission, on May 8, 2002, Mt. Nebo Records released the first part of this volume, the huge Bambú Station classic, "Talkin' Roots ~Volume I." The album had an immediate impact on the industry and glazed over the hearts and souls of many in the reggae roots community. It also peaked the interest of the up-stream media and garnered many new adherents to Bambú Station. In 2002, selected "Talkin' Roots ~ Volume I" as its "Compilation of the Year," and to date it continues to attract legions of fans to the phenomenal artists that were featured. Songs like "Woe!," "Only Jah Jah Know," "House of the Living," "The Draw," and "Works of the Wise" left fans amazed and craving for more.

In obligatory fashion for the roots fans about, we ecstatically present, Bambú Station's "Talkin' Roots II!" This compilation remains consistent with Volume I; powerful songs, tremendous energy, spectacular music, and unknown voices that should be heard. Those voices include Tuff Lion, Ijah Menelik, Bashan, Ibednego, Black Culture, Lady Passion and Ras Bumpa. Also featured are songs from some of the V.I.'s best songwriting talent including Bambú Station, Star Lion Family, Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite, Jahman, Danny I, Army, Pressure and the heartical Anhk Watep. We are not only excited to release Bambú Station's new album, but we are highly enthusiastic to share with the world our self-proclaimed Mt. Nebo anthem, "Good Works," by Tuff Lion. This song best represents our struggle and commission to share cutting-edge and soul-stirring independent music with the world. We are again humbled and Jah blessed to bring you quality alternatives to commercial radio programming. Our mission is clear. Like Bambú Station say, "Let the music flow, on and on." One love.

E.z.waz / Mt. Nebo Records

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Various Artists - Talkin' Roots


Army – Acclaimed St. Croix singer and songwriter with albums Yesterday’s News & Struggler.

Anhk Watep – Wap of St. Croix is a veteran musician & one of reggae’s most heartical voices.

Bambú Station - Visionary and heartical roots reggae band from St.
Croix & St. Thomas, V.I.

Bashan – Veteran Rasta lyricist from St. Thomas. Solo debut effort due in 2005.

Black Culture – Gifted Virginian lyricist soon to release his amazing debut on Mt. Nebo.

Danny I – St. Croix talent who appears on several compilations and his debut “Jah Fury.”

Ibednego – Guitarist & member of St. Croix’s veteran Zionier Reggae

Ijah Menelik – Loyal son of Montserrat. Ijah will be featured on two solo projects in 2005.

Jahman – Dynamic St. Thomas artist & founder of Splatter House Records.

Jalani Horton – Humble lead singer of the Bambú Station from Rock City, St. Thomas.

Lady Passion – Crucial St. Croix lyricist and performer. The true embodiment of her name.

Pressure – Passionate St. Thomian lyricist of the Star Lion Family. Solo project in production.

Ras Bumpa – A St. Thomas artist who is set to contribute greatly to the reggae landscape.

Star Lion Family – Popular 7 man group from St. Thomas to release
several 2005 projects.

Tuff Lion – Legendary guitarist offers here a prelude to his forthcoming “Utterance” album.

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