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Midnite Branch I
He Is Jah
Rastafaria Records
Midnite Branch I - He Is Jah

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He Is Jah is the second installment of Midnite Branch I from Rastafari Records.  As with all Branch I projects, He Is Jah presents a different style of music than the solid roots music that most people associate with Midnite.

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Midnite Branch I - He Is Jah Buy CD

Track List:

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Real Audio

Real Audio

1. He Is Jah Real Audio 8.


Real Audio
2. Leaders Be Real Audio 9.

Skant Some More

Real Audio
3. Bombs Away Real Audio 10.

Offend You

Real Audio
4. Bone Chillin' Real Audio 11.

Can't Chant To Dem Youth

Real Audio
5. No Blanco Real Audio 12.

Warhorns And Sistrums

Real Audio
6. Give Jah The Glory Real Audio 13.

Works For A Faith

Real Audio
7. Born Rights Real Audio

Liner Notes

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He Is Jah is licensed courtesy of Sound V.I.Zion, Vaughn Benjamin & Midnite Branch I

Produced by Batch & Vaughn Benjamin

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Contact Info:
Rastafaria Recordings
P.O. Box 720
Nyack, NY  10960
(845) 353-8505

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