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I-ver Strong
GreenSphere Records

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Batch teams up with GreenSphere Records his fifth CD I-ver Strong.  This album features combinations with Malika Madremana, Ahfya, Blaak Lung, Ras Attitude and Messenjah Selah

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Track List:

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Son Of The Ghetto

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The I Am

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No Love For The Poor - w/ Malika Madremana

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Strong Woman

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Melanin - w/ Afya, Blaak Lung, Ras Attitude

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Got To Get Ready

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Marijuana Fi Blaze

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No Gunshot

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Dutty Babylon

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Us Against Us -  w/  Messenjah Selah

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Hold On

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Africa We From

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Production Credits

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All songs Produced By:  Blaak Lung for GreenSphere Records
Except for track 7 produced by: Tuff Lion, Blaak Lung, Batch
Recorded @ GreenSphere Records Oakland, CA
Lyrics written by:   J. Cumberbatch (all Tracks)
                               M. Murray (Track 2)
                               A. Merchant (Track 3)
                               Blaak Lung (Track 3)
                               M. Goodwin (Track 3)
                               Messenjah Selah (Track 13)

Lead Vocals: Batch
  Malika Madremana (Track 2)
  Ahfya, Blaak Lung Ras Attitude (Track 3)
  Messenjah Selah (Track 13)

Background Vocals:
   Malika Madremana

Bass: Kenyatta Itola all tracks except Blaak Lung (Tracks 1, 13)  Tuff Lion (Track 7)
Drums: Batch all tracks except Tuff Lion (Track 10)
Guitars: Ibednego (Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 13) Vince Black (Track 1)
              Tuff Lion (Track 4, 7, 9, 10, 12)
Keyboards: Blaak Lung all tracks
                   Tuff Lion (Track 7)

Mixed By: Batch & BlaakLung
Mastered By: Mike Romanowski @ Paul Stumblebine Mastering
Replicated by: Spherewerks  Media

Executive Produced By: Alan “EayGee” Gordon
Published by GreenSphere Rercords (Ascap)

Liner Notes

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Batch Thanks

Emperor Haile Sellassie The First foundation of I reality and faith for the Inspiration through music Jah has given I and I.  I give all thanks and praise to Rastafari for another opportunity to proclaim H.I.S. strength in testimonial


I Queen and youths, mother, father, brothers and sisters.  My family I love all of you for support throughout the years while many times it seems like I focus only on music.  Sounvizion family Ima, Ras Attitude, Ahfyah, Zioniers, Hilltop Sounds, GreenSphere Records, Blaak Lung for the hard word and expertise you've put into the album.  Give thanks to everyone who contributed on the project, Malika Madremana, Tuff Lion, Kenyatta Itola, Ibednego, Vince Black and Messenjah Selah. 

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Album Reviews

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