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Who You Are
Sound V.I.Zion Records
Batch - Who You Are

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Who You Are is the debut release by Batch, owner of Sound V.I.Zion Records.  The 14 selections on this CD include combinations with Ras-L, Nazarite, Masta Chang, Nazarite, Shephard, Ras Attitude, Adlai and Ambassada.

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Batch - Who You Are

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Track List:

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Lift Up

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Selassie Way

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Jah Fountain

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Jah Guide I

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Fi Burn (feat. Masta Chang & Shepard)

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Ah Rulah

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Green Gold

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Free (feat. Ras Attitude & Ambassada)

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Chant Dem Down

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Who You Are

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Victorious (feat. Ras-L & Nazarite)

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Level The Vibes

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Musicians & Credits

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All Instruments, Utterances and productions by Batch except as noted
Eddie Beazer: Guitar on Fountain, Jah Guide I, Who You Are & Level The Vibes
Jahmaki: Percussion on Lift Up, Green Gold, Focus & Free
Norma "Ima" Cumberbatch: Background vocals on Unconditional, Chant Dem Down, Bandele Chinouyazue: Guitar on Victorious & Who You Are
Earl "Adlai" Sutton: Bass & Saxophone on Free

All tracks written, produced and arranged by Batch for Sound V.I.Zion except:
Victorious written by Ras L, Nazarite & Batch
Fi Burn written by Batch, Masta Chang & Shepard
Free written by Ras Attitude, Batch & Ambassada

Liner Notes

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I give all thanks and praises to the MOST HIGH King of Iration HAILE SELASSIE I JAH RASTAFARI, the Might and the Power of the blessed Trinity.  The Highest characteristic of Righteousness in Mind, Body and Spirit.  King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah... SELAH.  With Humbleness I give H.I.S. Majesty thanks and praises for this opportunity to send for H.I.S. truths and righteousness through the Earth inna dis Iwa... RASTAFARI.  To I n I Queen Norma, you've labored through love for I and our family.  Standing by I side unwavering.  Providing balance for love to flourish between man, woman and child.  I am blessed to share in your virtue.   Natural love to InI children.  You are gifts of love.  Serve JAH all your days.  To my mother: through you I've experienced the true meaning of motherly-love.   With a heart that's as beautiful as your name.  I love you.  Motion: I-De, I-Ge.  We've journeyed this musical mission together through nuff growth and strength.   I give thanks itinually for the I dem of the years.  Raspect.  Sound Vizion family, Hilltop Sounds, Murchi, Ras Attitude, Rude Boy Ralph, Andy, Nazarite, Lyon, Jerome, Malachi, Brian Barrie, Wap, Earl Sutton, Jamaki, Ambassada, Mada Nile, Vaughn, Bandele, DJ Quinton, Block Ent., Nachilus, Kelson, Josmo, Positive, Ras L, Jahwasi (OF), Masta Chang and Shepard.  St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John. All righteous singers and players of instrument I give thanks to all who have given help onto I n I.  Love conquers hat.   Good over evil.  HAILE SELASSIE I GUIDE US ALL. 
Livication: Yoshua Terrence "Bouncer" Heywood

Album Reviews

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