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Katalyss is a keyboard player, vocalist and music producer from St. Croix who incorporates great musical diversity into his songs and productions.  He returned to STX in 1997 after living stateside while performing with The Healers and Shinehead.

The Music

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The voice of Katalyss first surfaced on several selections contained on the Reggae Mix 1 compilation released in 2002 by Studio 6.  2004 saw the release of his debut CD Start A Fire.  Katalyss has also produced music for some of STX's finest artists. 





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Born on the U.S. Virgin Island of Saint Croix, Katalyss was not initially into playing an instrument. However, he had been singing along to songs on the radio, as his mom loved listening to music. Sports were his first true interest. Winning trophy after trophy in track and field events and capturing all around athlete of his Jr. high school, he had no significant interest in playing an instrument until "the bets" that sparked his musical fire. "The bets" happened one day as he came to school and was listening to a few of his friends bragging about who could play which songs better on a mini keyboard. Katalyss interrupted the argument by telling them that none of them were playing the songs correctly and that they should all just kill the noise. As a result, they began taunting him and betting him that he couldn't play the keyboard better than anyone who had tried. He then told a few of them "fine, you're on" and asked them to give him a few minutes since he had never really played a keyboard before. Before long, Katalyss turned around to his friends smiling and began to play one of the songs and won the bets. Poetry had been the main form of expressing Katalyss' innermost feelings until the day of "the bets". He then began playing keyboards and writing songs in 1987 and never looked back.

This self-taught musician and vocalist graduated from high school in 1991. By the time he was nineteen years old, he had already won the most prestigious musical award in the Virgin Islands called a "road march", twice, while attending the University of the Virgin Islands. To further his education, Katalyss relocated to the U.S. mainland in 1993. While attending a technical school in Atlanta Georgia, he began playing keyboards with two reggae bands called "Red Skull" and "Afro-Safari", but it wasn't too long before the musical "fire" took over. Katalyss found himself being late for classes and his work-study program on a regular basis because of losing track of time while practicing keyboards and singing. Eventually, the inevitable occurred. He dropped out of the technical school after being contacted by the Healers, a Colorado band. The Healers were very interested in his musical abilities. based on a demo of the works he had done back in the Virgin Islands. "The Healers" reggae band told him he'd be hired as soon as he could get to Colorado. Katalyss relocated to Colorado within two days and performed as a vocalist/keyboardist with "The Healers", He began touring around the U.S. mainland with other reggae artists as an opening vocalist and keyboardist. Katalyss then returned to Saint Croix after touring with reggae artist "Shinehead" in 1997. One of the main reasons for Katalyss' return was at the suggestion of Shinehead and Shinehead's fans. They felt that he was overqualified at playing keyboards and being a background vocalist for any artist. Consequentally, he moved back to the Virgin Islands to begin the shaping of his careeer as an artist while producing and recording material for many of Saint Croix's artists.  

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Katalyss at Winter Reggae In Paradise II - St. Croix - January 7, 2007
Katalyss at Tempo Turns 2 - St. Croix - November 10, 2007
with T. Chin with Army with Mada Nile with Jah Bami with Don Corleon


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