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Various Artists
Reggae Mix 1
Studio 6

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Reggae Mix 1 is the first release from Studio 6 out of St. Croix, and features 17 selections sung by Tuskani, Katalyss, Colleen Liburd, Clayton Walker and Jenissa Pemberton

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Track List:

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Tuskani - Marianna

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Clayton Walker - Abandon Ship

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Katalyss - Fake People

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Colleen Liburd - Forgive Me

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Colleen Liburd - Live Your Life

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Tuskani - Where Would I Be

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Clayton Walker - No Love Songs

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Colleen Liburd - The Way You Are

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Colleen Liburd - Make Me Whole

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Who's On The Phone?

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Tuskani - Calm, Cool, Collected

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Colleen Liburd, Tuskani, Jenissa Pemberton - Special Kind of Love

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Clayton Walker - Give Me A Chance

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Clayton Walker - Turn To Jah

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Tuskani - It's Been So Long

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Katalyss - Run Away

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Jenissa Pemberton - Eye For An Eye

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Musicians & Credits

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Reggae in the Virgin Islands has a unique style that is now being exposed to the world.  Studio 6 has produced an album that has far surpassed the 'norm' of reggae music and is on the cutting edge of reggae mixed with other genres of music.  We hope you will enjoy this compilation.

Studio 6 has recruited the musical services of five up and coming artists:

Tuskani blends his R&B background with reggae in his unique style of delivery.
Colleen's classically trained operatic voice melds with the bumping "roots" rhythm.
Katalyss has a "rough and ready" yet lyrical style that helps to bring his message across.
Jenissa uses her British accent in vocalizing and harmonizing with the other artists.
Walker croons and yodels intricately through the fabric of the beats.
The talented artists will soon release their own solo albums, so be on the lookout for them.

Special thanks to: God the Father for his guidance and love.  The Pemberton and Shulterbrandt family for their patience and understanding, Fegutraxs for the support, Jordan keep practicing, The staff of Reef Broadcasting, Savida and all others who have contributed in one way or another.

Executive Producer: Rolston Pemberton
Co-Producer: Shelton Shulterbrandt
All tracks arranged and composed by Shelton Shulterbrandt
Recorded and Mixed at Studio 6
Manufactured and printed by: Disc Makers - Pennsauken, NJ  USA

For Distribution Contact:
Studio 6 - (340) 690-6081
Real Cru Records - (340) 277-9208

Studio 6
79A Castle Coakley
St. Croix, USVI  00820

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