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Rasta Awake
I Grade Records
Army - Rasta Awake

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Rasta Awake is Army's third album, and his first project for I Grade Records.  The smooth vocals of Army really shine on these 13 tracks which Tuff Lion did all the musical production for. 

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Track List:

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Give The Youths A Try

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Small Number

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Jah Reveal It

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Men Will Doubt

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Mr. Monday

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Don't Move My Mountain

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Mi Sista

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Who Will Pay

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Preying Mantis

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Tek Your Time

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Rasta Awake

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Share Your Love

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Musicians & Credits

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All lyrics, vocals, and harmony arrangements by Army
All musical composition, arrangement, production, and instrumental performance by Tuff Lion of VIVAH Music, except where duly and respectfully noted.
(*) denotes I Grade/VIVAH Music co-production (by Tippy, Abja & Tuff Lion)
(**) denotes I Grade/VIVAH Music co-production (by Tippy, Kenyatta & Tuff Lion)

01. Give the Youths A Try  (Bass: Almateen “I-rtquake” Yazid)
02. Jah Reveal It
03. *Mr. Monday (Guitar, Keyboards, Programming: Laurent “Tippy” Alfred; Bass, Guitar: Tuff Lion)
04. Honorebel
05. Who Will Pay
06. Tek Your Time (Bass: Almateen “I-rtquake” Yazid)
07. Share Your Love (Bass: Almateen “I-rtquake” Yazid)
08. **Small Number (Keyboards, Programming: Tippy; Bass: Kenyatta Itola; Guitar: Tuff Lion)
09. Men Will Doubt
10. Don’t Move My Mountain (Bass: Almateen “I-rtquake” Yazid)
11. **Mi Sista (Drums, Guitar: Tuff Lion; Bass: Kenyatta; Keyboards: Tippy)
12. Preying Mantis (Percussion: Almateen “I-rtquake” Yazid)
13. Rasta Awake

Album recorded, voiced and mixed at The Outpost Studio, Hampton, VA.
Recording Engineers: Almateen “I-rtquake” Yazid, Army, Tuff Lion & Tippy
Tracks 1, 2, 4-7, 9, 10, 12, 13 mixed by Tuff Lion
Tracks 3, 8, 11 mixed by Tippy
Executive Producer: Laurent “Tippy” Alfred
Publishing: I Grade Music (ASCAP)
Graphic Design by Mark “Feijao” Milligan -
Musical Production: Tuff Lion
Executive Inspiration: Jah Rastafari

Album Reviews

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Reggae Reviews:
After two albums on the DubRise label, Army switches to the premier Virgin Islands reggae label, I Grade, for his third effort. The resulting sound -- largely courtesy of producer/guitarist Tuff Lion -- is fuller and more lush than his debut effort, "Yesterday's News". It's so lush, in fact, that when combined with his increasingly smooth and soulful vocals (which too have improved over the past five years), Rasta Awake sounds like the Maxi Priest album fans have been awaiting for the past decade. - More

Reggae Vibes:
Army's "Rasta Awake" is the second album coming from the I Grade New Release Trilogy, and just like it predecessor -- Ancient King's "Conquering Sound" -- it's a worthwhile collection of tunes coming from St. Croix, Virgin Islands, the little island that has brought us some fresh and impressive roots music in the new millenium, including releases from Midnite, Bambu Station, Yahadonai, and Dezarie, to name a few.  - More

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