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Various Artists
Talkin' Roots Vol. I
Mt. Nebo Records
V.A. - Talkin' Roots Vol. I

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Bambu Station's first release 'Talkin' Roots Vol. I' is a most heartical album.  This dozen tracks features some incredible artists and is one of my all-time favorite compilations.  

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Track List:

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Iba - Chant

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Ankh Watep - Out Of Control

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Yah Shiloh I - Works Of The Wise

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Iba - Tell Me Why

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Dezarie - Woe!

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Yah Shiloh I - The Truth

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Ankh Watep - Massive Hysteria

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Natty Empress - Life

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Natty Empress - See Me Know

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Rafijah & Niyo- Let It Out

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Jalani Horton - House Of The Living

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Andy Llanos - Only Jah Jah Know

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Star Lion Family - The Draw

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Musicians & Credits

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Bass: Andy Llanos, Jalani Horton, Phillip Merchant
Drums: Ronald James, Phillip Merchant, Leslie James, Andy Llanos, Cleve 'Moses" Urgent
Guitar: Jalani Horton, Tuff Lion, Ras Pablo, Andy Llanos
Keyboards: Ronald James, Jalani Horton, Tuff Lion, Phillip Merchant
Percussion: Andy Llanos, Jalani Horton
Saxophone: Ronald James

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Executive Producer: Bambu Station
Produced by R. Jalani Horton and Andre 'Andy' Llanos
Recorded and Mixed at Bambu Station
Mastered at B'Neath Da' Undaground
All Music Produced and Arranged by Bambu Station Studio
Recorded and Mixed by R. Jalani Horton
Mastering Engineer: Safron Mason
All Artwork by Charles D. Ellison
Graphic Layout by Burt Isaac
Star Lion vocals recorded at Black Juice Recording Studio
All Music Published by Anjatuff & Pix Music
Distributed by Mt. Nebo Records
Star Lion appears courtesy of Black Juice Records 

Album Reviews

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Jah Works:
Occasional small bits of good news are necessary for a balanced lifestyle. One such tidbit that gladdened my heart recently was a brief note on Mt. Nebo’s web site, to the effect that there will soon be a second various artists compilation, "Talkin’ Roots II". To me that’s splendid news because it will likely be as entertaining and uplifting as "Talkin’ Roots I". And in the meantime, there are other current albums from Bambu Station Studio to sample. - More

Skank Productions:
"Talkin Roots - Volume 1" is one crucial CD. This is hard-core roots reggae with a message, eminating from the U.S. Virgin Islands (with most of the artists hailing from St. Croix). The first thing you notice about this disc is the conscious cover. Charles D. Ellison's artwork has students looking at a chalkboard with the following words written on it: "JAH, LIFE, POLITRICKS, WISDOM, CONTROL, SCRIPTURE." Thought-provoking cover, and I'll tell ya, some serious, thought-provoking (and absolutely killer) tunes. - More

UA Journal:
Maryland-based Mt. Nebo Records' debut release, Talkin' Roots I, is one of the stronger releases as of late from a US-based reggae label. Though it's unlikely most listeners have heard of Bambu Station Studio or any of the various Virgin Islands-based artists on the collection, there's no doubt that the roots are thick and heavy and that Mt. Nebo is going to be a label to watch. - More

Reggae Reviews:
It's rare that I get so excited to review an album, but such is the case with the compilation Talkin' Roots Volume 1 -- partly because it is so little-known and partly because it's just that good.  A product of the Maryland-based Bambu Station Studio and the newly formed Mt. Nebo Records, Talkin' Roots is a compilation for any proponent of keeping roots reggae alive and fresh. - More

More Mt. Nebo Music

Bambu Station - One Day

Iba - Jah Lion (Children Of The Nile)

Liner Notes

"May thou bless our thoughts and opinions as sustenance for the hearts of men, women and children".... 

Special thanks to Marcellus Edwards, I-Grade Productions, High Rotation Recordings, the wives, the families, friends and supporters for their faith and assistance and patience and love.  Broadcasting thanks to selectors Ras Manny, Tony T., Ras Regg & Rudeboy Ralph for their support of conscious artist and music over the years.  

In memoriam to a few who made a big difference in the lives of many: John Taylor, Augustus Pable, Joe Higgs & Dennis Brown.


Jah, Life, Politricks, Wisdom, Control, Scripture



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