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Bambu Station
One Day
Mt. Nebo Records
Bambu Station - One Day

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Bambu Station is a collaboration between Andy Llanos, Jalani Horton & Tuff Lion (Anjatuff).  The 13 tracks contained on One Day feature Jalani Horton unleashing some powerful and highly relevant lyrics for these troubled times.

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Track List:

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Humanity Bawlin

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Even Man Cry

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How I Feel

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Move On

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Pass It

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My Actions

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Man In Exile

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Amadou Diallo

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One Day

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Eyes Of Man

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Musicians & Credits

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Bambu Station Musicians:
Tuff Lion: Acoustic & Electric Lead & Riddim Guitar, Bass & Keys (1), Hammond
Jalani Horton: Acoustic & Electric Riddim Guitar, Keys
Andy Llanos: Bass, Percussion, Drums (1 & 3)
Phillip Merchant: Drums, Keys
Ronald James: Keys (2, 3, 6, & 13)
Guest Musicians:
Pablo Crimi: Piano (9)
Laurent "Tippy" Alfred: Riddim Guitar (3)
Lyle Zerkin: Harmonica (10)
Lead Vocals: Jalani Horton
Background Vocals: Andy Llamos, Jalani Horton, Tuff Lion & Asiel Horton (1 & 6)

Executive Producer: Bambu Station
Producers: R. Jalani Horton, André Llanos & Tuff Lion
Recorded at Bambu Station Studio
Mixed at Tuff Room, Hampton, VA
Mastered at Highro Studios, Temple Hills, MD
Recording Engineer: Jalani Horton
Mixing Engineer: Tuff Lion
Mastering Engineer: Don de Castro
Graphic Design: Mark "Feijao" Milligan II - Soul Indigo

All lyrics by Jalani Horton
All music composed and performed by Bambu Station
Composition contributions by Ronald James (2) & Don de Castro (6)

Amadou Diallo recorded at LLS Studio by 'Batch' Cumberbatch
All songs published by Anjatuff & Pix Music / ASCAP

Liner Notes

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Hail to all God's people from the Bambu Station.  It is very obvious that the events of the day challenge our faith, perserverance and the god mind.   So we come to offer our thoughts, to bring information to the misinformed and to offer suggestions to resolve our dilemmas.  The religious zealots and politicians have not done so.  Their only concern is to support and further their beliefs and party agendas, not to do what is humanly right.  Everyone of god intent must evaluate their own actions, and move towards actions good for humanity.  We can render miniscule the proponents of hate, gluttony and oppression.  However, we must start with ourselves, with each and every decision we make.  We must think godly, dress godly, eat godly and consequently live godly.  If these are our efforts, then One Day, by our own hands, righteousness will rule.  Selah.  - The Bambu Station

We offer praises onto God for our inspirations, health, courage and will.  Much appreciation to all creators and performers of conscious music, responsible music, Godly music.  Unrestrained love and gratitude to the full supporters of the Bambu Staion: our families, wives, queens, Alicia, the hardworking Mt. Nebo staff, Frankie Javois, broadcast DJs, journalists, our many hard core distributors and our fans.  - The Bambu Station

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Album Reviews
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Creation Steppin':
Outta the Virgin Islands comes yet another incredible group of modern rootsmen- Bambu Station. Singer-songwriter Jalani Horton, bassist Andy Llanos and guitarist Tuff Lion form the core the band, who feature a subdued yet hard-driving modern roots sound. This is their third release, and although I haven't listened to the first two, I'd be surprised if they topped this effort. This is highly conscious music- in Jalani's words meant "to inform and spread the livity and spirit of Jah." - More

Reggae Reviews:
Though still largely a fledgling label, Maryland-based Mt. Nebo Records is slowly but surely establishing itself (in my mind, at least) as one of the most reliable sources of top-quality roots reggae around. After releasing the excellent modern roots compilation Talkin’ Roots Volume 1 in 2002, Mt. Nebo unleashes the massive sophomore effort from the band Bambu Station (whose members were featured on Talkin’ Roots). One Day, to put it simply, is a mind-blowing experience. It is an instant classic, nearly perfect vocally, musically, and lyrically. - More

Suite 101:
In 2002, Maryland-based Mt. Nebo Records released one of the best reggae compilations of the year, Talkin' Roots I. One of the highlights of the disc was the contribution of the Virgin Islands-based Bambu Station. Following their strong showing on Talkin' Roots I comes One Day, 70-minutes of roots reggae that will give something new to even the most wisened reggae fan. - More

Reggae Vibes:
By now it's obvious that the U.S. Virgin Islands have an astonishing wealth of talent when it comes to modern rootsmen. Besides bands and artists such as Midnite, Army, Pressure, and Dezarie, there's an incredible group of modern rootsmen who call themselves Bambú Station. The latter was founded in 1996 by Jalani Horton of St. Thomas, V.I., who was joined by bass player Andy Llanos of St. Croix in 1999 and Tuff Lion, known and appreciated for his brilliant guitar work. Their initial recording was the independent single, "Amadou Diallo" (2000) and commenced a musical relationship, with the addition of Warren Pedersen in 2003, that has attracted notable attention of roots fans across the world. The single "Amadou Diallo" is featured on their 2003 released album, "One Day", which was rightly received with critical acclaim as can be concluded from listening to this very entertaining collection of tunes. - More



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