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Positively Nelsons
Wait A Minute
Positively Nelsons

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Wait A Minute is the second CD from St. Croix born sisters 'Sparkles' and 'Empress Auset' who come together as Positively Nelson.  

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Track List:

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Positively Nelsons

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Stop The Huffing

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A Father's Role

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A Song From The Heart

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Wait A Minute

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Complexity Of Life

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Real Love

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Untamed Greed

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A Love For Jah

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Faith Is Up To You

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Seek God

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Without God/Jah, nothing is possible: therefore, first and foremost, all thanks go to HIM.

Thank you to our immediate family for giving us the support we needed to complete this 2nd album: Sparkles’ Family: Garfield, Garian, Ariana; Empress Auset’s Family: Trevon, Khalil, Carl Michael Jr., Zion.

“Big Up” to immediate Nelson clan and their families: Adolphus & Henrietta Nelson, Bridget Nelson-Hodge and Family: Martial Sr., Martialique, Britnique, Martial Jr., Britial: Terrence “Positive” Nelson and Family: Kimberly, Terrence Jr. (Kysam), Tafari, Tywreh, Keturah

A special Thank You to all those that helped to sell our CDs: Henrietta (Mom), Garfield, Shaun, KC, Simon Enterprises, Dianne A, Aunt Nighty, Aunt Tanty, Aunt Rose, Aunt Carmen, Coco, Jamaica Marketplace, Ernie B’s Reggae Distribution, CD Baby, New Artists Online, Alliance Clothing, Polo, Morgan’s Enterprises, Lower Love Station, “Feel-I”, Vaughn A, Carolyn G, Jasmin, Duayne W. Boomer, Claude B, Nile, Shawn H, Ana, Shawn G, Sonia, “Positive”, Eyvonnedora, Michael Sr. Evette H, Tricia, Deslyn

A special shout out to Hilltop Sounds, other family members and friends who are showing their love and support from “Behind the scene”. It’s not possible to list every single person that has helped us in some form but just know that we thank you whole-heartedly.

Thank you to the bands that have and are always willing to back up: Reggae Bubblers, JamRock Reggae Band and Sylvester Percival.

Lead and Background Vocals – Arvian “Sparkles” Nelson Duval and Stephanie “Empress Auset” Nelson.

Photographers: Shaun “Empress Nyce” Kitheart and “Feel-I

Contact Information:
"Sparkles" (919) 961-2629
"Empress Auset" (340) 771-4532

All songs written by Arvian "Sparkles" Nelson Duval
Produced and arranged by Al Baptiste, Sr.
Recorded and Mixed at Backyard Recording Studios

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Album Reviews

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Dread Vibration:
Give thanx to di most high for granting di Nelson Sista’s di inspiration to set up yet another great album,…Blessed!!! Wait a minute is the second album by these sweet voiced Sisten, from st.croix. An mi haffi seh, I man love it,….just like the first one called No more Tumbleweed(2005). I can hear how dem a grow from that time,but also that they had their share of problems/Difficulties/Hardship, as you can hear in the first tune of this album,wich in a way is a biograp. - More

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